Yes, it is me again!  It is that time, it is time to feature another Senior Spokesmodel that enjoyed a fun spring senior session.   Meet Anna Celeste.   We had such a great time on her session!  I cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard.   This session was a large part planned around capturing her love of a "small town girl" look.    She had so many creative ideas that only enhanced the session that much more.   I love how she has such attention to detail and a real creative eye .  

Anna Celeste received a bike as a gift and had not yet experienced riding on it!   Her first attempt to ride it was on this session!  Oh my goodness, between that and the reflector working like a kite I almost couldn't hold my camera steady.   I may need to clarify, she can ride a was just that she had not ridden this was more for it's "cuteness".   

This girl.  I mean, seriously....she is without doubt a "world changer".   Yes, I said it and, nope...I am not biased.   I believe that the majority of her friends, family, classmates and teachers would completely agree.   I know for sure that she is going to make a HUGE difference in the lives of many.    If you ever doubt the current generation is lacking in "drive" or simply has been plagued with a sense of entitlement you may not have met Anna Celeste.   Honestly she gives me so much hope for the future.  I really wish that her parents could market whatever they did to raise such an amazing human being!  

What makes Anna Celeste a "world changer"...well, just read her plans for the future and all of her accomplishments.    She has served as Best Buddies President for 11th and 12th grade.   She was also part of the Katy ISD Leadership Council.  She was part of the Seven Lakes Principal's Leadership Council.  She participated in in the Peer Assistant Leaders Mentoring (PALS) mentoring program and the Texas Association of Future Educators.   She has been consistent in National Honor Society, student council, "Spartans Out Serving".  She was also a member of the Sapphires Varsity Dance Team.   She has maintained a leadership role in so many activities.  Aside from what is listed above, you can add a summer mentor for Seven Lakes Fish Camp, she was also chosen to represent Seven Lakes at a Youth Leadership Conference.   Anna Celeste has also received national recognition as a National Hispanic Scholar. 

As I am writing the blog tonight she is receiving another award!   She received the Katy ISD Legacy Award of Excellence.  She was the Texas Chapter President of the Year with Best Buddies. 

This. This sweet girl is making waves for her future.   You probably want to know her plans and believe me she has plans.   Out of all the honors, awards and roles; her most treasured role has been in Best Buddies (a social organization for individuals with disabilities).   It is not uncommon to see her around town with her "buddy".   People are simply drawn to Anna Celeste.  I mean, how can you not be drawn to that smile!?   Her love for working with Best Buddies has helped cultivate a desire to pursue a degree in Special Education.    Anna Celeste will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall and of course continuing to make a change one person at a time. 

I am so honored to have captured this beautiful, funny and wise young lady.   You are a true lady in my opinion...keep on doing what you are doing, it is totally working for ya!  

Enjoy Anna Celeste's images as this showcase who she is...there is NO doubt about that...a little sweet and a little sassy!....gig 'em! 

Mrs. Nikki