Hello Again! 

Well, it looks like we keep meeting again at the same spot!  Yes, as promised I am blogging a series of my senior spokesmodel spring sessions this week.   Each session has a fun story, special sentiment and definitely tugs at heart strings.  

Meet Savannah.   You may remember Savannah from her seasonal senior session that we did in the Fall.   Savannah is so special to me.   I have watched this beauty grow up since 7th grade.    I have also been photographing her since that time as well.   

Although I have known Savannah for quite some time she still had to go through the model application process and keep her fingers crossed that she could be chosen.   Or at least I like to think she was anxious, ha! ha!  I love teasing Savannah because, well....that is just what I like to do.    The senior spokesmodel team is never chosen based on looks.   Nor is it based on your extracurricular activities.   You are chosen based on answers to your questionnaire that can often times lead me to a special connection that I know would make a good fit for a team.   My goal is to group together models of all backgrounds, different physical attributes and different interests.  I want there to be a sense of individuality and more importantly allow them to see themselves as confident.    After all, we are all made to be unique and each person deserves to feel beautiful from the inside out.  It shouldn't matter whether you are tall, short, blonde haired, brunette, curvy or slim.  Each senior needs to know they are worth feeling beautiful.  If a person feels confident on the inside then they naturally radiate beauty on the outside.   This years' team was such a mixture of all of the above.  Some might think, "what,   You had all of the dancers or the majority were from Seven Lakes"!?  "How were they even able to market when sharing the same space..."well, that is how the questionnaire worked in their favor.  They each had pockets of interests different from the other.     There was something that seemed to make it work and at the end of the day, the team was a huge success.   That sums up how part of the process works and it leads me to Savannah.  Savannah knew most of the team already or had crossed paths with them.  She came into the group with an open mind even though she was from a smaller school.  The biggest "it" factor that she brought to the table is her "sporty" side.   Now, let me be clear-- this girl loves to dress up!  I love the fact that this girl can go hunting and shoot a hog, a buck or whatever else that moves...come home to play in a high school basketball game (fiercely I may add) and then dress like a princess the following day.  She is an"outdoorsy" athlete that knows how to wear red lipstick and high heels....well,  she is still improving her high heel strutting techniques, but you will see from the session that she rocked it!  

Savannah's spring session took place in North Carolina's Biltmore Estate.   In the session photos below you will not see a full shot of the Biltmore as we are not allowed to showcase the full view per restrictions.   However, you can certainly get a sense of the beauty surrounding us and it paved for the perfect backdrop.    Our time in North Carolina was wonderful.  The estate was stunning and just matched what we were looking for in terms of flowers and beauty.   

Destination sessions are still a work in progress.   I am still formulating different ways to make them work like a well oiled-machine and yet still be affordable.   This year we had a variety of different types of destination sessions and although there were some chaotic moments, each senior handled it perfectly and their images were just stunning.   I will be producing more information on destination senior sessions soon.    For this session we utilized Flawless Airbrush and Makeup to keep Savannah looking just that...flawless.   Just like with the senior experience sessions, the hair and makeup artist joins on the session for change ups.  We have so much fun! 

So, now that I have covered a LOT and I know everyone is anxious to get to the pics....I have to tell you more about SAVANNAH!!!  Savannah has pretty much played every sport you could imaging but favorite has been basketball.   She is also a smarty pants and has achieved a number of academic awards.  The number one announcement is she will be attending Baylor University in the Fall!!!  

Savannah-I have already told you a bazillion times how proud I am of you.  Watching you grow into this strong woman clothed in faith and love has been a pure blessing to watch.   I have seen you overcome loss and turn your pain into a positive.   You are such an incredible example for young ladies.   It is a joy to see you take on this new are going to be such a success.  Continue to share and show your faith....let that light shine!  I love you sweet girl. xo-Mrs. Nikki