Good evening friends! 

Wow!  Three blogs in one day???? What?  I know, it's crazy...but it is time to wrap up some of these sessions.  

Meet Madison!  Madison is a senior at Seven Lakes High School with MAJOR plans.  Lately these young ladies are blowing my mind.  They are breaking the "glass ceiling" and taking on roles that were never an option when I was young. 

I have known Madison since she was in elementary school.  Her sister, Allie was one of my first senior models when I decided to change my business model to strictly senior photography.  It is always so much fun to capture siblings.  As much as you would expect them to be similar, usually they are OPPOSITE!  Madison is just that...she is the "sporty spice"...(ha! ha!) in the family.  Although her brother and sister are very talented in their sports, I think Madison's style is probably where she takes the "sporty spice" to a new level.   Madison runs the hurdles for Seven Lakes Track and Field and is very involved with the Class Officers where she has received the "Leadership Award". 

One of the most amazing things I recently learned about Madison is her decision to join the Corps of Cadets at Texas A & M University.   Her plan is to major in Biology and potentially joining the Armed Services.   I am so proud to know this young lady and see her determination to set such a amazing goals!  

Madison-I adore you and your sweet giggle and loved doing your session!  As much as you have grown into this beautiful young lady, I will still see that little girl I first photographed many years ago.   I will be on pins and needles watching you achieve each goal! xo-Nikki