Happy Thursday Folks....

Over the next few days the blogs will be much shorter as I am anxious to get these seniors all of their gorgeous photos.  Just to explain the process-the blogs are not written until the ordering session takes place.   The ordering sessions are done in the order of the session so that each person is in "line" so to speak.  I have a few that want to be bumped ahead and I can completely understand the anxiousness, but honestly I have to be fair.    There is only one senior at the moment that is "out of order"...lol and I hope to get her images and blog done tomorrow.  We had to outsource some edits as the background of her photo was "ick" -sports shot...so it needed to have some "pretty added".  ha! ha! 

This am we will start the "blogging bonanza" with Cristina!  Cristina is a Katy High School senior that plans to attend Texas A & M in the fall.  She is going to major in BioMedical Science and hopefully become a pediatrician.   

This gorgeous young lady amazed me when she said she has 3 brothers-1 is very young, but the other two have served our country in the armed forces.   They both have fought in either Afghanistan or Iraq, along with her DAD!!!  Seriously!!  I mean...my heart cannot take it.  I don't know how she and her Mom even managed to cope with that concept.   Thankfully they are home on U.S. soil and healthy.  

Cristina is a prime example of a girl that doesn't let grass grow under her feet! ha!  ha!  In response to the question on her hobbies and interest, she wrote:  "I LOVE working with kids. I'm currently in PALS at Katy High School and I travel to elementary and junior high schools in Katy ISD to mentor and build a relationship with 4 different kids. It's my favorite part of every school day. I love serving others. I am Class Treasurer of the Class of 2018 at Katy. I played softball for 11 years, but due to having two shoulder surgeries (one on each shoulder) and re-dislocating my left again at a huge national tournament in California, my career and recruitment for college had to come to a close. So since then, I have enjoyed PALS. I love going to church on Wednesday nights. I love hanging out with my best friends and going to Astros games. & anytime I get the chance, I love laying in bed and watching Netflix. I love getting to know new people! I also love SHOPPING just as any girl :)".      She is also a member of National Honor Society and various clubs at Katy High School. 

Cristina's easy going personality made this just a fun session!  We loved laughing and even managed to survive almost being blown away!  

Congratulations Cristina on a bright future ahead and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you! xo  Nikki