Hello Again! 

Just like that...I mean, seriously, these weeks keep going by faster and faster.   My kids keep reminding me with their countdown and I am wanting time to stand still.  I am "bustin a move" over here and it is slowly starting to show!   I do sincerely feel like I am experiencing some empty nesting feelings.   Each one of these seniors has a special place in my heart.  

Dani is another one that has captured a piece.   A little backstory...rumor has it that this young lady is a rockstar on the volleyball court.   I wouldn't know this for the exception of the fact that several other clients knew that Dani had a session scheduled with me and they got me all nervous as though I was meeting a member of the Olympics!   Dani shows up to her session and although I feel like a "fun size snicker" bar next to her (she is a stunning 6 foot beauty)  she radiates such a sweetness.  It is hard to imagine that she could be so fierce on the volleyball court..but all of her accolades definitely prove otherwise! 

Dani was  1st team All district Volleyball Junior,  Senior Year KPRC Athlete of the week, recognized as Vype Houston Fab 50 along and capped it off with the Seven Lakes Volleyball Team competing in the state championship and being awarded runner up.   Aside from playing volleyball for Seven Lakes and participating in club volleyball, Dani needed to add more to her schedule.  I mean, she has too much time on her hands!   Ha! Ha!  This seriously talented young lady is a member of The National Honor Society and Seniors out Serving.   Whew... I need a break from just thinking of her schedule! 

A little about Dani's session...don't ever assume that just because you see most athletes in a messy bun or pony, wearing lululemon and sneakers that they can't get to the "nitty gritty" and show their sassy side!  Oh my, my, my, take tall blonde and blue eyed beauty and throw them my way and let's see what unfolds!  We had so much fun!! Dani was all in and that makes such a difference.  She trusted us and let us fuss over her hair and did not mind our need to be perfectionists; because let's just say....WIND!!  You would have thought that we were filming The Wizard of Oz!   Poor Dani!!  Her hair was blowing every which way...but it was in a split second moment that her hair blew perfectly!  We had many of those moments and it just worked itself out beautifully.  

Dani's session showcased her small town girl style and added a little flair to her overall look.  We finished the session by photographing her wearing her college sportswear.  Dani will be playing volleyball for Gonzaga University and majoring in Business.   This beauty is going to be setting the bar high at Gonzaga!  They will be blessed to have such an amazing young lady! 

Thanks Dani for choosing me as your photographer!  You are a remarkable young woman! 


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