Happy Friday! 

I am happily getting a bunch of editing done today and just moving right along.  Today's blog post is not a repeat.  I repeat, it is not a repeat!  Nope...we have another "Hand" senior!  Knowing this family for so long and loving the differences each one has and being able to showcase their personalities is so much fun!  

Meet Julia!  Julia is my 4th "Hand" Senior!!!  She would have been 5th if I had started photography before her first born graduated!   Each one of these amazing siblings brings something new to the table with personality.   Julia is such a beautiful young lady with such a sweet soul...but as with all "gingers", I see a little bit of fire cracker that is undeniably charming.    I don't know if she only shows that side at home, but I know it's there...ha! ha!  

As with each sibling bringing something new to the table...I must say that each senior seems to step it up a notch and there seems to be a little competition going on between them.   

Julia's session was full of fun and we really made sure that we captured her in a more "city-esque" setting.   However, since her brother had a similar wish, she needed to have a session that was all her OWN!  That we did....different spots and obviously different outfits.    I love the fact that I asked her during her hair and makeup if she had her prom dress...once I saw it, I knew we had to get her in it!  I mean, the ginger hair, the ivory skin and beautiful eyes!!  Done. Sold. Sign, sealed and delivered!!  It is always fun to see the senior ladies bring back that "little girl" side of themselves and play princesses for 15 minutes!  

Julia is a senior at Seven Lakes High School and has plans for college in the fall...but of course, she would want to leave me in suspense!  As soon as I know more, well...I will update my blog! Ha! ha!  In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful senior's fun session! xo  Nikki