Hello Friends, 

Some of you may remember Hannah from the Fall.  We did her senior session and along with that comes a questionnaire that tells me a little about the senior.   I learned that Hannah loves dance (like many of my senior girls) and dances for Taylor's drill team; but, I had no clue this sweet little "thang" is an expert in archery!!!  YES!!!!!!!!  I am not kidding!  This beauty participates in competitions that set herself apart and have people sitting back and shaking their heads!  Ha! At least that is what I did...I mean, I was expecting we would do a dance mini shoot together...but when she mentioned archery, I whipped my hair and back and forth and said, BAM....DONE!!  I am sold!  Ha! Ha! 

With all of her achievements in such a "male" dominated sport, we had to highlight this success for her senior portraits.   So basically, she has hung up the ballet shoes for a bow and arrow!   In all of my "senior sports" work, I have never encountered someone shooting an arrow towards me.  I have experienced a golf ball (grazed the top of my head), hockey puck (played slid into me, but we survived and finished the session), had my husband hold me underwater to obtain the perfect competitive swimming shot and many other sport; however, never, I have I ever....said, point the arrow towards me and just make sure you don't hit me! ha! ha!   We really had fun with this and with my new Nikon D850 in tow, I managed to get a shot of the arrow.  Now, at that time I had smartened up a bit and moved to the side...but sheesh...the arrow was so fast and the speed of my camera can capture up to 9 frames per second, I literally was able to capture ONE SHOT!!  It is in the first image below.   It kind of blends with the foliage, but you can see it!!  Ha! Ha!  

A little about Hannah's archery achievements.  She has won the Archery Shooters Association's state competition twice in the high school girls category.  She has one as a team in the Oilman's Archery Classic (she is the only female on her team) in 2015 and 2017.  She was the 2015 Buffalo Archery Clubs Shooter of the year.    She basically is just crazy good with her archery talents!  ha! ha!  

When figuring out a plan for the session, we knew it was important to show off those awards.  Of course, since she seems to take home all the wins, why not try and go for a "Taylor Swift" kind of acceptance of awards! ha! ha!  You will see those images towards the bottom.    

We had so much fun with this session-I have been so eager to share this session with everyone! Enjoy!  -Nikki