Hello and Happy Monday Friends! 

As busy as it is, it is super important that each senior gets featured! Sophie is part of my "Legacy Program".  I photographed Sophie's sister, Julia a few years ago and was thrilled to have her daughter follow in her footsteps with her own senior session.   

As much as siblings can be opposite, these two sisters are similar in that they are both so sweet and super quiet.  However, once you get Sophie talking about her love for theater (technical and art related), she is a chatterbox.    I had so much fun chatting with her about how she plans the costumes for the various plays and all that entails a successful production.   She has a real passion for a field that really isn't at the forefront of conversation when you think of theater.   I am so glad we had the chance to chat about all of her "jobs" as now, I have a whole new respect for what happens behind the scenes. 

Sophie wanted a session that was a little more "urban" and knowing her interest in art, we headed to an area of Houston that is kind of known for its'  "artsy" style.   It isn't necessarily all buttercups and rainbows around this area, it is more of a street scene/warehouse area where people live and office to create "ART".    A bit of "whimsy" is what we see when we stroll through these neighborhoods. 

Sophie brought her fun casual style and just knew exactly what colors would rock her session. As much as I try and offer any help, she pretty much knew what would be perfect for her look.  We just added touches of jewelry to bring it all together.  

A little more information on Sophie and her big plans....this sweet Seven Lakes High School student is headed to Otterbein University near Columbus, Ohio!  She will study Technical Theatre and major in Technical Direction (it's the technical version of directing in theatre).  Honestly, I really think they need a mascot that is an Otter.  Just sayin' but apparently the memo was not passed around! Ha! Ha!

While in High School and being awesome she participated in: Thespian Troupe 7014 (theatre), National Honor Society, Spartans out Serving, Best Buddies.   Among her achievements: National Honor Society, International Thespian Society and hopefully by the end of the  year I will receive the title of Honor Thespian. 

Enjoy taking a stroll through the "Artsy District" as you look at Sophie's images.  Best Wishes Sophie...I cannot wait to see your work on screen and your name in the credits! xo -Nikki