Hello Everyone!  Friday is here and trust me, my household is counting down the days until school is out!   They are so anxious and as much as I am ready for school to be out, I have some seniors that are still doing sessions!  So slowing down a bit wouldn't bother me too much.  :-) 

Today's blog is featuring a graceful beauty named, Emily.   I photographed Emily for the first time when she was in 8th grade!  It is so hard to believe that she is now a senior!  There have been a few times like that this year and to say it doesn't make me feel a bit emotional would be an understatement.   Emily was an amazing young lady in 8th grade and is even more awesome as a senior.   Her family is such a blessing to all those that know them and it was a delight to capture her senior portraits.   

The weather prediction for Emily's session was to be sunny.  Well, that didn't happen.  The good news is that the cloud cover was just enough to not stress out over shadows.   The part that wasn't planned, was the wind!!!  OH MY "WERD"!! (that is my East Texas accent trying to be "hip"!) Emily managed the wind like a pro and we had it work in our favor!  

A little about Emily, just wow, where do we begin...this beauty has achieved sooooo much within this past year and the course of her high school years.   Emily is a recipient of the Provost’s Gold Scholarship and Invitation to Excellence Scholarship to Baylor University, where she will be a Pre-Nursing Major.  She has also received an Academic Scholarship from Perry Homes.  Emily is graduating with Honors and has received the Falcon Award for Physics.  She loves to volunteer at several charities and earned the Tompkins FORCE cord.  She is a Line Mom for the Crimson Cavalette’s and a member to the Dance Honor Society.  This girl is set for an amazing future. 

Take some time to scroll through her beautiful images.   And yes, with her permission we are sharing some of her prom dress photos.   What a stunning senior in RED!!  Red looks so awesome on you Emily!  

Wishing you many many blessings and will excited to watch you continue your success in life. 

xo  Nikki