Hello Friends, 

What a whirlwind week this has been!  It is hard to imagine that just a week ago tomorrow I arrived in North Carolina for a destination session.   Would you believe that my suitcase is still sitting in my closet and hasn't been opened!?  Yes!  That is what happens when you still have 20 sessions to shoot (due to all the rain reschedules),  a model team preparing for 2019 and editing out the "whazoo".  Somehow it all gets done and I am so thankful that I am able to do it.   Each session I begin to edit I relive the fun we had and the excitement of knowing how excited the senior will be when they see their photos.   It is soooo worth it!  

Payton is one of my Cinco Ranch High School seniors.   Her session was sheer perfection.   The light of the day was just stunning and her already ivory skin tone, just glowed.  I honestly have never seen anyone with her shade of eye color where it just glistened.   

Guess what?  Sometimes, I am wrong.   Sometimes, a senior will send me an outfit and I will say, "nah, let's try again" and when the senior indicates it's a favorite and I suggest, "bring it and let's see in person"..sometimes, I am like, "WHAT"!?   "Where is my head, am I blind"?   This was one of those times.   As you scroll through the beautiful photos you will see a jumpsuit that is blue and white.   When Payton shared a picture of it with me, I honestly thought it looked too big on her and took away from her figure.   The below photos show how important it is that if you feel confident something will work, let's communicate and discuss it.    When the yellow accessories were added and the perfect shoes and mind was blown!  Payton rocked it! 

A little more details about Payton--she is a member of the Cougar Stars Drill Team and National Charity League's Azalea Chapter.   This stunning brunette is excited to attend Texas A & M in the fall where she will major in nutrition.   Of course, demonstrating her love for an active and healthy lifestyle we did part of her session in her workout clothes.   It really showcases a side of her that people are more likely to see than anything else.   

We had a blast on this session.    Anderson (my youngest son) joined us on the session and provided some jokes to keep Payton laughing for candid moments.  Although a lot of them made no sense at all or he forgot the ending, it made the moment even more funny.   I will admit though, he did scold us for jaywalking.  I hope Payton learned her lesson on that one...ha! ha!   

Enjoy scrolling through this stunning beauty's images!  it was such a delight to capture her senior photos.  xo-Nikki