Hello Friends! 

I knew that today would be a perfect day to just "blog away".  So many sessions and so little time.  It seems like the clock will just keep ticking away and for each session that is finally edited, another one is in the que waiting.  This makes me so happy and must mean that I am doing a good job! ha! ha! 

In case you are one of my fans/followers that reads my blogs and are wondering about guy sessions...this session is a prime example of how a guy session can entail as much as you want it to.   Many times folks ask me about the difference between girls and boys sessions and honestly, other than hair and makeup, there is very little difference.   I want to honor their senior year as I want to honor the girls.  Some guys don't want to do more than 3 or 4 outifts, some are open to showcasing a variety of "sides" to themselves.  It really just depends on the senior.   Jack and his mom worked closely together to insure the session would be fun for him.   Taking important aspects of his personality and tying it into a "look" worked perfect with this session.   It also works well for me in that I can provide a greater number of options for sharing at the ordering session.   Each time you come to an ordering session, every single photo is edited.  I do not wait until you choose.    Some things, like a trash can, stray hair or random car will not be taken out until afterward; however, everything else is done.   Since each session is shot with the idea in mind that you are ordering an album I want the gallery to tell a story.   A story of your personality and showcasing the "polished" side of the senior. My goal is to ensure that our time together is well worth your investment.   Jack's session was very well thought out.  There was a desire to recreate a particular vintage photo.   So, I called on a few friends; however, last minute health issues and other circumstances thru a wrench into our plan...the silver lining, we made it work regardless!  When there is a will, there is a way.   :-)  Jack also showcased his love for his truck.  I believe those were my favorite shots.   We did manage to pull of 4 different looks at one location!! Ha! Ha!  You would never know because our location had so many fun spots, each unique and different.  I wish that I could share all of them.   Finally we found a great spot that was perfect to get a more "small town feel" and there we added 2 additional outfits.   Each one giving him a real representation of how he wants to remember himself in 2018.  

A little about Jack, during his Freshman year of high school, he was awarded the Obra D. Tompkins Award. This award is given to one student each year for exemplifying honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect and responsibility. Additionally, he has won numerous Straight "A" achievement awards as well as countless awards in FFA including most active chapter member.  Jack also is the Tompkins High School FFA President, a member of Student Council and member of The National Honor Society.  

Jack plans to attend Auburn University in the Fall where he will major in Mechanical Engineering. I had a great time during our session Jack!  You are such a gentleman and were such a pure delight to work with...I hope you enjoyed your session as much as I did!  Below are just a few my favorites.  All the Best,  Nikki