Hello Friends,

I cannot believe it has been almost a week since my last blog post.   It has been super busy around here and the sessions are keeping me out and about instead of being able to blog. :-) 

Please know, this is not a complaint!  Not even a little!  I find it exciting and so much fun.   Each senior brings something different to the year of sessions.   Some even bring their goat, "Kimzey".  Perfect segue to today's blog post, right?!  

Meet Emily!  Emily is a senior at Seven Lakes High School and is a member of the FFA.   She loves a little of the "small town girl" style, so we incorporated it into her session.   Finally, we couldn't complete the session without her sidekick, "Kimzey".  

Emily has plans to take her love for the FFA and carry it through to college by majoring in Agribusines.   She is planning to attend Blinn with a gateway to Texas A & M. 

Emily also requested to incorporate the American Flag into her session.  Rather than put her in green space or a field, it seemed perfect to place her next to a sweet little shop in a small town near us.   I mean, that is what we are made of, right?  "Small Town U.S.A" is what we all start from and has propelled us to the opportunities we see all of the world.   Everything about Emily's session helped depict her personality.   It was so much fun working with her and learning all about her love of FFA and the opportunities she has received doing what she loves. 

Although Emily's session didn't start with "Kimzey" I figure I would start the bombardment of adorableness with Emily and "Kimzey".   

Thanks guys for a super fun session!!!  I promise to not ever try and fix a goat's "turned up" ear again.  Apparently that causes them to BOLT and your senior who is in a dress have to take off like a track star! ha! ha!  

Enjoy!  Nikki