Hello Everyone! 

This week is sneaking past way to fast!  It is fast and furious around here with a session happening almost EVERY DAY!   We are getting caught up from all the rain (well, today doesn't count b/c it is raining and "ick") and starting to see that it is almost the end of the YEAR!!! Yikes!  Never in a million years did I expect Class of 2018 to be so fast and furious!  

With today being a rainy day, it seems fitting to share a session that was done with a LOT Of cloud cover and even rain at the end!  Tori, a Seven Lakes High School senior arrived at the session with sunshine on her side.   I do believe that she probably brings sunshine everywhere she goes because she is just beautiful inside and out!  As the shoot progressed, we saw clouds rolling in and decided to stick it out.   I couldn't be more pleased with her session.   Tori and her mom were confident when I said to "trust me" and we pulled off a really fun session.    

The session showcases Tori's sassiness along with her love for Atlanta!  Yeah, even though she is living in Houston (and yes, she is an Astros fan also!)  she wanted to show her love for the Atlanta Braves.  I obliged...because, well, who can resist when your senior is as adorable as this one!  Then you add the GREEN eyes and your just willing to say "yes" to anything!  Honestly she could rock a potato sack and still look gorgeous!  She probably has no clue what I mean, but I am sure her Mom knows exactly what I am talking about! 

Tori is was awarded "All American Cheerleader" and cheers for Seven Lakes High School.  She is also member of National Charity Leagues' Star Chapter.   As with many of my seniors we are all anxiously awaiting a decision on where this beauty will be attending college. 

The good news is that in the meantime, we can enjoy her beautiful senior photos and congratulate her on a bright future that is destined to be wonderful!  

Thank you Tori for choosing me!  I had so much fun on your shoot!  It will be fun to see where you head to school! xo-Nikki