Well Hello Everyone! 

Long time, no hear!  I has been a minute ( well, more than that)...but it is BUSY!  

I wish so much I could blog so many details about this session.  We had so much fun and Calum was a blast to work with!   The day was pretty dreary but we managed to pull of a session that looked just right.   Calum's heritage is Scottish and we definitely wanted to showcase his roots with use of a kilt.   Of course, living in Houston there are not a lot of options for making it look like the "Scottish Countryside"...but hey, some cemeteries can give that vibe, so well, ehem, we kind of paid our respects on the day of his session.  

Not only did we tour one of Houston's most prestigious cemeteries, we also took a drive to Ben Taub Hospital.  It is our county hospital and one in which it is fairly common to see many police and well, just about every walk of life you can image.   I kept telling Calum that his sweet mama was probably freaking out if she was tracking him on the phone! ha! ha!   You may ask, why Ben Taub?  Well, the parking lot of this adorable log cabin exists there!  It was the perfect backdrop for his Eagle Scout photos.   

After the adventures at a cemetery and hospital we took the session further into Houston.    We had shooting Calum's talent with his saxaphone and oboe (corrected from earlier). 

We laughed so much during Calum's session and simply enjoyed capturing all of the elements that are important to him.  

Enjoy Calum's session by viewing the images below!  Thanks Calum for being such a good sport! xo-Nikki