Hello Friends!  

Or perhaps I should say, "Howdy"!!   After all we are in "rodeo" season in Texas!

Today's blog post features the lovely and talented Caitlin.  As a matter of fact I have a feeling she is returning from NYC at this moment after auditioning for one of their amazing schools.  I have known Caitlin since she was 12!!!  Actually, I think before then; however, I first photographed her just shy of her 13th birthday.   I remember this quiet girl still making decisions between swimming and flute.   During the session she definitely was leaning towards the flute.   Fast forward to 2018 and this beauty is going to make a career that showcases her love for music.

Her session of course had to include the flute and also feature her two highest awards.    Achieving the gold medal in both ensemble and solo performances is a highlight of her high school years.   Aside from being a member of the Seven Lakes Marching Band she is also a member of the  Science National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society and Spartans Out Serving.     With her excellence in so many endeavors, she is sure to find her home at one of the following universities.  Her choices are Boston University, Manhattan School of Music, Eastman School of Music and New York University.  I would say she has a pretty good start to an excellent career in the music industry as she majors in Musical Performance. 

One of the interesting things I learned about Caitlin is how determined she was to play the flute.  In junior high you are given options on which instrument you would like to play, Caitlin said she would like to play the flute.   An instructor (I believe I have that correct) discouraged her because of the shape of her lips; however, Caitlin knew she was committed and set out to prove that she could and she would do it well!   I love her determination and ability to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to!  

Finally, let's talk about the precious dog in this photo.   Actually, I think he could be human.  Meet Mason Thompson.   Mason graduated puppy training academy in the summer.   He is a well liked and eager pup that is fabulous at making older women (specifically my labradoodle, Bella (age 9)  finding her puppyhood again.   However, since finding her "inner cougar" she is getting into a bit of mischief.   Mason is the most lovable English Cream Retriever you have ever met and he looks like he is genuinely smiling ALL THE TIME!    Our family LOVES Mason and happily supports this relationship especially since they are such good buddies!   :-)  

I hope you enjoy the session!  It was bittersweet taking these sweet photos.   It is a milestone that is full of so much joy to see someone you have known so long succeed and yet, it is a punch in the gut because you know time is ticking before they head to college.   Sending love and lots of well wishes as we all wait to hear from the above schools!!!  -Nikki