Hello Everyone! 

It is Friday and I have a sneaking suspicion that a sweet girl with beautiful long blonde hair is anxious to receive her images!    Ha! Ha!  I only say this because after the recent ordering session with Riley's parents we decided that she cannot take a bad photo.    Just a little history....Riley is part of my "Legacy" or what I would like to also call my "Volume II" on depending where you are in the sibling line up.   A few years ago I had the pleasure of capturing Trevor, Riley's older brother.   Trevor had a fun session and even showed off his swimming talent with his underwater session.   Trevor did an awesome job and perhaps he gave his little sis' a few pointers, ha! ha!  I doubt it, but wow...y'all did not get short sided on being photogenic!  Mom and Dad can certainly give themselves a pat on the back.  

Riley is an awesome combination of "tomboy" and "girly" all wrapped into one.   Volleyball and softball are her sports of choice, so we did incorporate those two loves at the end of her session.  From the moment when Ashley started hair and makeup until we said our goodbyes, we were laughing.   Riley likes to claim that she was nervous and unsure of posing.   Well, let's just say that she was cool as a cucumber.   Trust me, my job is to help my clients with their posing and I am happy to do it.   So, when she said she was concerned, it was a totally normal response.   I knew once we got started she would flow into it easily.   What I didn't know is that  from the moment she started that even her silly face photos would still be awesome!  

Riley wanted a little "small town girl" feel to her session; but she also wanted to incorporate a red door.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  As we were planning her session, I was concerned about timing because the one red door that I knew would work with her session was all the way in Houston; thus, not giving the "small town girl" feel.    We went forward with our plan to go into Houston after the small town portion when suddenly we see a house with a red door!!!    The house was also part of our "small town" scene, so how perfect could it be!?   The only problem--private property.   I am not the photographer that is a rule breaker.  Many of the locations you guys love and want me to shoot either require a permit (which I pay annually) or a fee.  Did you know that to do a professional session at Hermann Park, YOU have to have a PERMIT?!  Did you know to shoot at City Centre you have to have a permit?!   Regardless of which photographer you choose, just keep in mind most places do require a fee or permit.  Thankfully I am mindful of this and pay my dues.   I cannot imagine anything more embarrassing than having law enforcement asking me to leave in front of a client!  Yikes...sorry for the diversion, but I felt it was important info.   With that being said, we asked the homeowner and he was happy to let us shoot.   His little dog and cat even attempted to get in on the action!  He was such a blessing at the perfect time to accommodate Riley's fascination with red doors! ha! ha!  

Riley was wonderful and listening and trusting judgment.  She was afraid pink would make her look pale, but with a little prodding from yours truly, she now sees that pink is HER COLOR!    I told her we would just do a few in the pink, but WOW..she could have worn the whole time and it would have been perfection. 

Now that we know all about this sweet girl's style, let's talk about this girls plans and achievements!   Riley attends Clements High School in Sugarland.  Among her awards are: Academic Excellence all 4 years, Academic All District for Softball and Volleyball. First Team All District for Volleyball Second Team All District for Softball.  Riley also is a member of Best Buddies.   Riley is definitely headed to college and is in the process of narrowing down her choices.   Currently University of Tennessee and Auburn are on the radar! 

Riley or shall I say, "Rileyroo" because I just like it better.   You are such a ray of sunshine!  Your family is genuinely a pleasure to know...and I am sure it is because you are a part of it! ha! ha!  Just had to say that because I know you would want me to!  Seriously though, I am so looking forward to watching your adventure unfold.    You are going to do great things, I know it! -Mrs. Nikki