Hello Everyone!  

Lately it has been so busy that blogging hasn't been as frequent.  It will not be much longer before you can expect a blog every other day.    

Before I begin this blog, I want to share a little history.   Over the course of my years doing senior photography I am always faced with a number of questions from parents and their seniors about "styling".    I am sure you have heard me (or read) in prior posts or in my magazine that it is MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY  that each senior feel confident, honor their own style and also ensure they still look age appropriate.   Each time I have a senior that loves to go full glam it is exciting because it is a little less traditional and it also showcases how you can tailor your session to YOU!  I have some girls that are hesitant but still want something a little "outside the box".   In order to accommodate their "spunky" side we may just do one outfit that is a little less traditional.   By no means would you want to have a full session in 70's clothes (well, maybe some of you ...but most would prefer not).   Senior sessions are intended to be a documentation of you, your personality and style during this time in your life.   It is a historical memory for you to reflect on years later.  Some of my young ladies worry that because they see a photo where a young lady has chosen a bright lip color or a little glitter that it is expected on their shoot or that is the only style I am interested in shooting.   This is a valid question, but the answer is NO!!  I like all of them!   I have done all of them and one of my favorite sessions the young lady literally only wore a light powder.   We still needed Ashley to even out skin tones, but her desired look was 100% natural.  Highlighting your authentic self is my number one task, adding a flirty, fun and glam side is just another added bonus.    So with that said..let me share with you all about one of my all time favorite sessions.    Meet Lexi!  

Alexis ("Lexi") is a senior at Seven Lakes High School.  Her sweet mom is my friend and she is owner of VDanse Academy in Bellaire, TX.   Verneal (Lexi's mom) does hair and makeup for her dancers and has been my "backup" in a crunch a number of times.   Several years ago we knew that as Lexi's senior year approached we would need to do something EPIC!    Oddly enough, Lexi is NOT a dancer!  ha! ha!   I personally think that is the coolest thing ever...that she did her own thing and chose softball.    More on softball the meantime, Lexi's session planning started over the summer.   We did 2 "mini sessions" (one in studio and one on the ballfield) and then her full senior session.  I did this in part as a test to see how it would play out for the seniors as an added option.    

Lexi had a photo done as a little girl in a red dress and her Mom wanted to do a similar version to that shot but as a high school senior.   After searching high and low for the ideal dress, it became clear the only solution was to have one made!  ha! ha!  With deep rooted connections in the costume world, Lexi found herself wearing the perfect gown.  

In addition to the gown we styled her session with a lot of flair, glam and some fun 70's vibes.   I think the maroon 70's look just brings a stylish "Urban Cowboy" vibe to the whole style board.  It is rodeo season in Houston and this just screams, "Bubba and Sissy"!!!  This of course if they hit it big and were living it up in downtown Houston!  ha! ha!  

All of the other ideas were coordinated with Lexi's style in mind.  Her gorgeous hair and golden skin just looked beautiful in each color.   She has a gorgeous pair of Louboutin shoes that had to make their appearance.   

Finalizing the session with Lexi's "shortstop" talent was the perfect ending.   Lexi has had a long career as a softball player with Seven Lakes and club softball.   After receiving several offers to play at various schools she has chosen to hang up the cleats and focus on her studies at The University of Arkansas.   Lexi has achieved academic success by receiving Katy All Academic Award and softball success with winning 2nd Team All district her sophomore and junior year.  It is with those sorts of successful experiences she will continue with added success as she heads to college.     

So without further ado....let me introduce you to a one of a kind sweet soul that let me and her mother fuss over her for 3 days!   A special thanks to The Houston Studio.  Once again I love shooting at your space.   Styled outfits are from the following designers:  Endless Rose, Free People, Urban Outfitters and Louboutin.    Hair by Lexi and Makeup by Verneal Morin.