Hello Strangers! Ha! Ha!

I know, it has been a bit quiet for some time! Rarely does it happen that we go so long without chatting; but the Texas weather has been a force to reckon with for sure! Amazingly enough I will likely (so long as nothing crazy happens, I do have kids and these boys keep me on my toes!) have a blog post tomorrow and Wednesday….then GUESS what!???? Lights out for about a little over a week! Don’t worry, I will be back and then it is going to be such an incredible unveiling! The website is getting a complete makeover! There will be new sections covering different aspects to what types of sessions are being offered along with some fun news for Class of 2020!!! So…just know that is in the works. It is likely why I have also been a little quiet, there are a few major things happening that are in full force and it is all “behind the scenes” but has everybit to do with this fun journey I am on with senior photography!

Today’s blog post is extra exciting as I can honestly say that I have never photographed a young lady that has made a commitment such as Emily’s. The moment I met Emily she stood out to me. Something about her demands attention, whether it is her striking green eyes, her confidence or her story. Emily is a young lady that sets her eyes on a goal and is committed to achieving it.

Emily attends Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas. She is involved in band, which led her to color guard (where she has served as Captain for 2.5 years). The Color Guard is what led her to fall in love with the structure, leadership, and discipline of the military. Her high school years have garnered many accomplishments; however, the greatest achievement would be that she was sworn into the U.S. Army during summer break. She currently attends physical training every Thursday for the Army. She will depart for basic training on July 1, 2019 to be a Combat Medic.

Emily’s ultimate goal doesn’t end with the U.S. Army (although an incredible achievement in its’ own right), but she plans to major in biomedical engineering while serving on active duty, attend medical school, and become a trauma surgeon. Really no big deal, right? ha! ha!

When Emily isn’t prepping for her upcoming departure for the military she enjoys softball, running, lifting weights and says she LOVES her AP classes (??? ha! ha! ) and helping others through relationships and the PALs (peer-assisted leadership) program at school. She helps lead the student worship department at her school and has such a big heart for serving!

I am super proud to also say Emily is a member of the Nikki Guest Spokesmodel Team and is doing a great job representing the most fun senior portrait experience in Katy |West Houston!!!

It was a such a fun time capturing Emily. Her love for the look of a small town and a little country suited her style perfectly! Capping off the evening in last years’ prom dress was just perfection!! I am obsessed with that green dress!!!

Take a look through this beauty’s gallery and by all means keep this one in your thoughts an prayers as she takes the next steps to represent our country! xo-Nikki