Wow!  Can you believe it?  Two blogs in ONE DAY!!!  I am so proud of myself I may bust! It is almost as exciting as knowing there is a tiny bit of potential that Oprah may run against Trump in the next election! ha! ha!  Just kidding...and no, I am not getting political; just thought it was a fun comparison!  

Here is another young lady that really tugs at my heartstrings!  Let's just say, that I have known this sweet girl since she was about 7 years old!!!  Oh my!   This may have me crying in a few moments.   I have watched this brunette beauty grow up before my eyes.   A few years ago would be our first photo session. She had developed a love for Latin ballroom dancing and joined me for a mini session.   It was then I could really see that her dancing talent was just the added compliment to her beauty and personality.   

Meet Cami--sweet Cami!   Cami may not know this, but those mini sessions really helped launch the "Dancing Photography" extension of my business.  Cami, along with her sister and a few others were just absolutely stunning! It wouldn't be long before a trend started and "Dance Minis" were a hit.   I have included some of Cami's beach dance photos (taken last August) to showcase this talented young lady. 

A little 411 about Cami-well, how could it be a little?  I mean, really?  This girl is not only smart and talented on the dance floor, but she is also is a costume designer.  Cami is currently the lead costume designer and also has a dancing part in the upcoming Shrek the Musical production at Tompkins High School. She also recently lead the costume design for Zombie Prom, which I can only imagine was amazing to watch!   When Cami is not dancing or sewing, she is involved in her school's Best Buddies program.  The program pairs one to one friendships with for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities.   The program helps foster relationships to encourage equal employment and leadership development. 

With all of those awesome talents and traits, you can imagine this young lady has some options when planning her college education.  Currently  University of Tampa, Texas Christian University, and University of Texas at Austin are in the running for this Tompkins senior. She plans to major in Criminal Justice and minoring in English or Psychology.   

Cami's session was full of "all things Cami".  Cami loves thrift shopping in The Heights and she also loves the graffiti walls.  It was perfect timing since the Hue Mural Fest was in full swing preparation at the time of her session.    Taking Cami's style and popping her in front of these fun stores and walls was just a blast.   We also incorporated her love for theater and style by showing her off in a beautiful gown in front of a more traditional and older theater.  

Without a doubt this was one of my favorite sessions.  Cami you are such a beautiful young lady!  I had so much fun with you and of course will find myself living vicariously through you as you continue your successes!  A special thanks to Verneal Morin for amazing hair and makeup and also, Ashley Carlton for joining us on the shoot for each change up.  Also special thanks to all of the artists at the art walls and Vinal Edge Records for allowing us to shoot in your store.   You guys do an amazing job and are so talented!  Much love...xo Mrs. Nikki