Hello! much for all the blogging that was going to happen last week!  I guess getting back into a normal routine was more challenging than expected.  Hopefully I can make up for it this week.  

Several years ago I met this beautiful young lady when I was photographing her family. I couldn't help but just adore this sweet soul.   It seems so surreal that so much time has past as it seems like just yesterday.    I remember the first time we met so well.   She demonstrated so much poise and such a sweet feminine flair.    At the time she loved ballet and choir.   It would be a challenge to determine which one would be her top pick for high school.   Fast forward to high school and her incredible talent would be showcased in the "Triple Trio" choir at St. Agnes Academy.    The young lady that  I am proud to introduce is the one and only, Christina!  :-) 

Christina is involved in a number of activities at St. Agnes.  Participating in varsity choir,"Triple Trio"- consists of 18 members (9 boys and 9 girls). Every year, they attend the Texas Renaissance Festival and perform as a part of the "cast" in period dress.  She is also a member of my campus ministry preaching team.   She organizes and leads retreats; as well as serves on the student council.    Christina has won numerous awards and was nominated for the Tommy Tune Award for Best Supporting Actress by TUTS.   She has maintained high honor roll  throughout all 4 years of high school. 

Christina's session showcased and honored her years with the "Triple Trio"by wearing her period dress.  It was so much fun to capture her wearing this beautiful gown.   Her dress weighs around 30 lbs  and Christina is right at 5 feet tall!  You can only imagine watching her carry the gown as we walked to our various locations.   I had her climbing through rocks and tall grass-it was also super hot.   This talented beauty was the true professional and smiled the entire time.   

We also did a little spin off for Legally Blonde.  No, Christina is not blonde...ha! ha!  But she has an adorable dog, "Tinker Bell" and she has the exact shoes that Reese Witherspoon throw in a hot pink dress, a purse that can hold a dog...and bam!! We are in business! ha! ha! I must say though..."Tink" wasn't too thrilled! ha! ha! 

The remaining portion of the session was wear we see Christina's style.   She is a city girl that embraced the beauty of Houston.   She used the backdrop of our city to highlight her style, making her the main focus of each location.    I absolutely love the look of each outfit and how she is smiling in every single photo.   

Christina just emulates what it means to be a "classy young lady".   She is so gracious, so humble and truly kind to everyone she meets.   All of those qualities only enhance the beauty that she possesses.   

Christina will major in Communications this fall when she attends Wake Forest University.  Christina, thanks so much for choosing me as your senior photographer.   I am going to be watching as you lead the way and find success in every endeavor!   With Love, Mrs. Nikki :-)