Hello Friends, 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE-PLEASE READ!  It has been a busy week.  Managing senior sessions with this crazy weather is not the fun part of my job.  Fortunately for me, I do allow makeup "rainy days"...the problem is that with Hurricane Harvey and two "RANDOM" snow days, we are running low.   I say "random" because, seriously?  Southeast Texas and SNOW??  How does that even happen?  I am still in a state of shock.   I am also in a state of shock that we are reaching the end of January!  That means the second semester, or if that doesn't get you, it is a few short months before GRADUATION!  My calendar was fully booked before December; however, after discussing with my phenomenal makeup artist and my husband (since he helps manage my sanity) we decided to open a few more spaces.   I literally have THREE SPACES left for Class of 2018.  With that said, if you are a senior and haven't made your choice for a Senior Photographer please reach out.   Better yet...seeing the above circumstances, if you are a JUNIOR-CLASS OF 2019-please contact me.  I am already reserving spaces for Class of 2019.  Don't panic and assume you need to pick a date now.  It simply holds your space on the calendar so that I have one for you!  Last year, people contacted me in February and I had to tell them, "no".   They wanted to schedule their session in Spring for two reasons.  Spring flowers and knowing the university they would be attending.  Let me clarify a mystery-most of my spring sessions are fully booked by the summer prior to  graduation.  That is the most popular time.  The second most popular is August.  Yes, I cannot believe it either.  However, many of you want photos for yearbook, sorority, and NCL presentation.  It seems popular because it is just before school starts and you can cross it off your list.   The light is spectacular and Ashley is such an amazing artist, no one can tell it's 120 degrees!  You only see it on my face!   You may think, well, I don't know the university I am attending, well, guess what!?  We have figured that out!   In an effort to ensure everyone gets that "famed college shirt" photo...I hold a "college shirt shootout" with all of my seniors!!!  The mini is completely free along with 2 digital copies from the session!  Ashley (best hair and makeup artist ever) joins me and is there for touch-ups and basic hair styling.   She works for gratuity that day and it is just our way of saying Thank YOU!!!     So that is that!!  If you have questions or want more info!  Shoot me an email,  Trust me, you do NOT want to procrastinate. 

Now, onto what the blog is REALLY about!!! I am so excited that this year National Charity League's Azalea Chapter invited me to be their photographer.   For the past few years  I have been blessed to photograph NCL's Star Chapter and adding another one was a fun feather to add to my cap.   These young ladies always wow me with their poise, dedication and volunteerism.  Hearing their goals beyond high school is always astonishing.   They each have tremendous drive and do not see themselves as anything but successful.   I, for one, know that they will each achieve a successful future.   The National Charity League embraces the relationship between mothers and their daughters.  Their community volunteerism is done jointly and fosters a sense of teamwork and of course a LOT of fun!   

Here are just a few favorites from their "Senior Presentation Night".   A special thanks to Neha Patel for assisting me.  As always you make these events even more fun!   A special thanks to Class of 2019 for choosing me.  I know that changes can be a challenge and I appreciate your dedication and trust in my abilities.   The images below are by NO means all of them, ha! ha!  I also had to share some fun outtakes from the "family photo sessions and along with a "normal one"..since she the lovely lady is one of my senior models :-)  These girls are beyond fun!  I loved capturing Class of 2018!!!   Class of 2018, you rocked your senior presentation and I am excited to share the documentation of your night!  Wishing each of you all the success in the world!  xo Mrs. Nikki