Hello Friends!  

I cannot believe it!  We are having an actual 2 full days of "snow days" in Katy, TX!!!  Is it the apocalypse?   It is just simply unheard of to have two days missed due to a "winter storm".   Hurricanes, yes.  Flooding, yes.  Snow?  I mean, it is crazy.   Needless to say we are all happy to heed the warning and stay in, under the blankets with the fireplace on.   Or, some of us work from home and can't "not go into work".  Ha! Ha!   The good news is that when you love your job as much as I do, it really isn't work.    I have been anticipating sharing this session and just eager to share all of the fun shots with you guys!  

Introducing Brady!  Brady, Brady, Brady...this handsome fella cannot take a bad photo.  I think that by the end of the session he was probably ready to go sign a modeling contract! Ha! Ha!  Brady was fantastic and really got behind the idea of doing senior portraits.     It did help that before school started we did a quick "mini session" as he was in need of some shots to submit for yearbook.    Maybe that helped him warm up to how much fun we would have and how it really is all about capturing his personality.    It is always nice when the senior guys get excited about their pictures.   This year has been a really great year for guy senior sessions.  There has been such a fun variety that each one is extra special at making their mark on the blog of Nikki Guest Photography. 

Brady's session was all about the things he loves.    He loves Katy.  It is his home and showcasing him in Old Katy seemed only natural.    He also showcased his support for victims of Hurricane Harvey by wearing a Katy Strong tshirt.   I think the highlight of his session was BAND!!! Oh my goodness!  When reading the answers to his questionnaire, we had a lot of ground to cover as he plays 3 instruments.   He plays the tuba, trombone and honestly, the 3rd one I cannot even begin to remember the name much less spell it! ha! ha!  This multi talented senior has so many fun memories of his time in band that we had to highlight all of them!  Between loading the trailer, walking the band hall and the practice lot...we covered a lot of ground.   His signature look, cap backwards (this cap has seen better days, ha! ha! ) and cool shades he rocked these memories.  Capturing them was the highlight for me!    We laughed so much and I know that he definitely has an appreciation for his future modeling career! ha! ha! 

Brady is not only talented, he is also super smart.    His aspirations will likely take him to University of North Texas or Texas State University.   Once that decision is finalized (it may have been by now and I just blanked...maybe it is the snow getting to me! ha! ha!); he will major in Computer Science or Forensics.    I am going to kick off his blog backwards....I just am on pins and needles to share the band shots!   

Everyone stay safe on the roads...stay warm and sit back and enjoy Brady's blog!   Oh and heads up!!  His sister is Class of 2019...she already has her session booked! Don't delay!!!  Spaces are filling fast!  

Brady-you were a blast to capture!   I had so much are a blessing to so many and it will be fun to see the direction your life's journey!  Big Hugs,  Nikki  p.s.  if you get that modeling gig that I have made up in my head...don't forget who got you started! ha! ha!