Wow! Surprise, Surprise!  I am knee deep in editing National Charity League Portraits, but a promise is a PROMISE!  Two sets of sisters joined me high on a rooftop (with intense wind and freezing temps!!!) to show off their mad talent and I promised a post and their photos TONIGHT!  

Since one sister showed off her cheer skills during her fun senior session, she helped her younger sister with ideas for leaps and jumps to showcase her gymnastic | cheer  abilities.   The rooftop seemed fitting since we wanted them to showcase how high they can leap into the sky.    These girls are incredibly talented!  The second set of sisters are also competitive cheerleaders.  To make their story even more interesting...they belong to TWO separate gyms!  Ha! Ha!  How that happened is beyond me, but I am sure it makes for a fun day when competition time rolls around. 

This blog post is short, because, well...these were mini sessions, and 2nd...I am knee deep in NCL portrait editing.  However, I cannot wait another day to share these fun shots!  Are you interested in a cheer or gymnastic mini session?  If so, drop me a note at   I am planning to offer more in the summer.   Based on how quickly the dance mini sessions sell out, please do not delay if you are interested. :-)   

Stay warm folks and enjoy your day off tomorrow! xo  Nikki