Wow!  I am going to pat myself on the back again!  Two days, 3 blogs!!  I am on a roll! 

Here is another that just added 10 years to my life!   Yesterday I blogged 2 sessions that shared history.   There seems to be a recurring theme with my seniors.  I love the fact that my clients have followed me and continue to choose me for this historical record of their senior year.    This blog will once again ignite that little lump that occurs in the back of my throat when I find myself reminiscing about where I began with these seniors.   

Introducing Sophia!  I am sure that Sophia is a familiar face to many.  Sophia was part of the same group of young ladies that allowed me to capture their dancing talents.   She would also become part of the initial group that propelled my love for dance photography.  We have done studio shoots together and beach.    As a matter of fact, her studio session garnered an international award for me that honors the Top 100 Senior Photographers.  I have added images from her most recent beach session and studio sessions to the bottom of this blog post.  

Sophia is one of my Senior Models.  She has such a graceful presence about her and such a fun personality that having her as a model was an easy decision.   Each model brings a little something different to the table.  They do not all look alike and NO-I do not only pick people I know.  Each one applies and actually goes through a screening process to make sure we are a good fit for each other.  Being a model is more than trying to obtain a discount on your senior session.   You are also representing my brand and your school.   It is important to know that carrying yourself with class and inner beauty is the catalyst to becoming a successful senior model.   Sophia fits that description perfectly and it was an honor to capture her enjoying herself in downtown Houston.   Sophia will be joining me for a Spring session, so I am on pins and needles for that!!!  

A little info about this brunette beauty...She is a Lieutenant on the SLHS Sapphires Dance Team. She has danced since I was 3 years old and still take dance classes. I am a member of The National Charity League, NHS, and Seniors Out Serving. I volunteer many hours each year for NCL, NHS and SOS. Westview School (a school for autistic children) is her favorite place to volunteer.  She helps with their summer camp for 2 weeks each summer.   Sophia plans to major in Education when she attends college.  She has several universities on her radar.   She has been accepted to Baylor University, Texas State, Stephen F. Austin University  and is hoping to hear from Texas A & M soon.   

Sophia-it has been such a pleasure watching you grow into this beautiful young woman!  I am so excited to see what the future holds for you!   Much love, Mrs. Nikki