Hello Friends!  

What a difference a week can make!  Wow, just wow.  Where do I even begin?  Hurricane Harvey happened.  It hit our wonderful community and it was devastating.   Our world as we know it in the Katy | Houston area (all regions) were hit with the unthinkable.   When the weather channel creates a whole new color to depict a flood level, you really take notice!  It has felt like a war zone to say the least.   Seeing a continuous fly over pattern from military helicopters and hearing sirens from fires in the close by neighborhoods is just overwhelming.    All businesses have suffered because our busy community had to put life on hold. Some lost everything they owned and are still being flooded due to the release of water in the reservoir.   Our healing process will take a while, not just physically; but emotionally.     

Ryane's session was one week "pre Harvey".    We did her ordering session via a "go to meeting" site as the hurricane hit that evening.  Having her drive from Tyler was just not an option.   I have been sitting on her photos during this time because the timing wasn't right.  I needed to make sure my focus was beyond my business and on my family and community.    The reality:  there comes a time where we have to move forward after a loss.   Don't assume the grief is not there, it is still at the forefront of our minds; but it is critical in the rebuilding process to step into our normal routines.   

Ryane has been so incredibly patient to wait for this blog.   She is from Tyler, Texas and attends Chapel Hill High School.   I would love to say that my photography is just so awesome that everyone in Tyler wants to hire me, but the truth is she is a distant cousin! :-)  So we know each other through that sweet little family connection.    Her relationship with her Mom and Grandmother remind me so much of my own Mom and Grandmother at age.    They are very close, she is an only child and well...they cut up as bad as we do!  

Ryane is an amazing young woman (of course I am biased, but read on and you see I am correct!). She is captain of the cheer team, VP of Student Senate, VP of National Honor Society, Vice President of her student class and wait for it.....she just learned she is SALUTATORIAN!!   So basically, she is beauty and brains all wrapped into one!    This "brainy beauty" will be choosing her university soon.   She took quite a liking to Rice, who knows...that could be the one.  Or TCU or Baylor, TAMU or who knows? The world is her oyster!   What she does know, is she plans to major in Biology with hopes of becoming a doctor one day. 

My final thoughts before sharing all the gorgeousness.   We have seen the true American spirit in Katy | Houston area.   Race, religion, economic status, immigration status and political party so on, have not been a topic for an entire week.   That has been one of many good things that came out of Harvey.   How can I find good?  I just look around me.   I have my health, my family, my friends and a new understanding that "things" do not make up who you are, it is your heart and love for your neighbor.    Many of my seniors have been on boats rescuing and are helping to pull out sheet rock.   My heart is so full.   Kids that have never seen that type of devastation, stepped up without even being asked.   Our community is solid...we will rebuild, we will be back sooner than later...just watch!   Know this, my business  is up and running.  I have checked many of my locations for shooting and they withstood the storm.   Shoot me an email and let's talk about your session and move forward with the best year of your youth!-YOUR SENIOR YEAR!!   

Sending much love and big hugs!   If you are looking for a way to contribute and want to be assured of where to donate, please consider donating to:  JJ Watt's Hurricane Relief Fund.  He  is already delivering supplies, so the money is being used immediately.

Nikki  p.s. fabulous hair and makeup by Ashley Carlton