Hello Friends,

It seems lately there have been a couple of guys showing up on this blog feed.   Trust me, it is NOT a figment of your imagination-it is REAL!  Occasionally I am asked if I photograph guys and the answer is YES!   I mean, after all, I have two of my own and without a doubt I can totally speak the language! ha! ha!   If you check out my site, you will see a section completely dedicated to "GUY SENIORS", complete with a video.   Keep in mind, it probably needs to be updated a bit...but  one common element- bring on the boys because this photographer can capture candid shots that will make mom's heart just melt!   Maybe I am bragging a bit; but honestly, I manage to get more than the standard "cheese" smile that some of the handsome boys are conditioned to display at any given moment a camera pops in front of them. :-) 

I can tell you, Cole did NOT have this issue!  Nope, not talking about my Cole (my 15 going on 30 year old son), I am talking about my senior client--that's right,  THAT COLE!!   Cole was a pleasure to photograph.   This dude knows how to crack up and just naturally smiles ALL THE TIME!   Cole is one cool guy that already had some ideas in mind as to what he wanted to include in his session.   This helped so much--it wasn't so much the fashion, it was just documenting him surrounded by things he loves or celebrating a state he admires. 

Cole is originally from Connecticut and was typical of most Katy ISD students as he found himself relocating to Cinco Ranch.   I photographed his sister, Marissa's senior session and so having the opportunity for Cole's was one I eagerly awaited.  They both have these blue eyes that are STUNNING!   Cole is a senior at Tompkins High School and plays varsity golf for their golf team. It was so much fun to capture him doing what he loves and especially getting the "deer in headlights look" when I told him to hit a golf ball over my head!   I believe that was one of the most memorable expressions EVER from a client.   After taking multiple "test shots" he obliged.  

Cole would love to attend University of Oregon and major in Biology or Marine Biology.   This was quite the fun topic to chat about.  He is still waiting to hear back from them along with several other major universities.   I am sure he wouldn't be too upset if he stayed in Texas as he certainly loved celebrating the Lone Star State in his photos.  

Before I introduce Cole's session-sometimes things just happen naturally.  When Cole arrived for the session he wasn't dressed wearing the clothes he intended for the session; he was wearing a "HOUSTON STRONG"  since he had been volunteering.   It seemed fitting to capture him in this shirt.   It happened to be that we were shooting in an area that was recently flooded.   We had to document this memorable event in his senior year-the timing was perfect, his look was perfect, it was just perfect. 

Enjoy!  Nikki