Happy Wednesday!  

Today is the day!  My first session post "Hurricane Harvey" is blogged!  As our community heals from the wounds of this weather event, it is critical for businesses to get back to "their normal" as quickly as possible.   Of course, my business does require using the city as a backdrop and not knowing what various areas would look like was a bit nerve wracking to say the least.   I did a little traveling to all of my different places and along the way I discovered some new spots (stay tuned for the year to unfold :-) and found some real miracles (more on that in a moment). 

Ryan, a senior from Tompkins High School could not have been more perfect for my "post Harvey" senior session.   Prior to the event, he had already requested certain spaces to help showcase his senior year and his love for Katy.   One of those was the Missouri Kansas Texas Depot in downtown Katy.   The depot is a historical landmark and sits in the middle of "Old Katy". As you may or may not know, Old Katy received record amounts of flooding.   Businesses all around the depot had their belongings on the curb and were in the process of trying to "dry out". I was nervous about our little piece of history.   Not only for Ryan's session, but for our community.  It seems like a "hot spot" for family photos, prom pictures, etc. ; but it does serve as more than that, just a reminder how history follows us and although people change, the history behind them and their city will not.    As I approached the depot and the caboose, I was in awe. There wasn't even a hint of disruption.   If anyone was living under a rock and didn't know that a major flood had happened, they wouldn't believe me if I told them so.   The old depot still remains, a great site to see and looks impeccable.    The depot, the clock, the caboose...all looking sharp and ready to enjoy!  

Speaking of sharp-let's move past the nostalgia of Katy and talk about Ryan!  Ryan is a rockstar kid!  First of all, I cannot get enough of this kids smile!  He has such an honest expression and I just loved watching him laugh and having fun on his session.    It also helps that he loves to shoot "drone video", I enjoyed looking at some of his crazy fun footage from a recent vacation. He might be helping yours truly on  some future sessions. :-)    

Ryan is an incredible athlete (as you see in the photos).  He runs cross country and track for the Tompkins Falcons and could possibly continue that for college.  It is still a little early to tell which university he will attend so we will wait and announce that a little later.   He does plan to major in Biology and without a doubt be a success. 

It was such a joy to watch Ryan in each element-I hope you enjoy looking through his photos as much as I did taking them. xo  Nikki