Here it is!  It seems that with each session, I just crush so hard over each of the shots!  Ha! Ha! Each one of the seniors bring about their own charisma and their personality shines through.   Alexis crossed my path 4 years ago for a dance mini session and little did I know that we would be here, at this moment capturing her senior photos.    It is such an honor that she chose me as her photographer.  Alexis is simply stunning, she has a classic beauty that somehow makes me think of Audrey Hepburn.  Of course, she might not even know who that is...ha! ha!  

Alexis (a.k.a. AJ) is a senior at Kingwood Park High School and is actively dancing with Kingwood Dance Theater.   If you scroll all the way down to her dance session, you will be in awe of her strength and beauty.  

AJ is very active at her high school with dance, theater, HOSA, and orchestra.   Her schedule just kind of blows my mind when I think about it.   AJ's goal is to pursue a degree in kinesiology at Texas A & M.   I have a feeling she will totally succeed and we will be announcing her college choice in a few months!  However, it may switch from kinesiology to "Pig Whisperer" since a pig decided to show up at her senior session!!!  

"Pig"!?  Yes...walking straight through the center of a street in downtown Houston!  Out of no where, in the most unlikely of places, we see a black pig!  Not a soul in site.   Just us and a pig.  I really thought we were on candid camera or being punked!  I always say that each session brings about something fun or a silly memory, but I do believe this might be the top of quirky things that have occurred.   Just to put all the minds at ease...shortly after we looked around for a lost pig owner, a gentleman walked up yelling, "Squiglet".   "Squiglet" looked at his lost owner and went with him as though this happens every day!  Needless to say, my head is still tipping from side to side wondering if that really did happen!   Scroll thru the pics below to meet "Squiglet". 

Back to the beauty that I am blogging about---I am so excited to share Alexis' session!  You have to look at ALL OF THEM!!!  All the way to the bottom where you see her dance. AJ-you are just amazing!   A special thanks to Ashley Carlton, I am grateful to always have you by my side doing amazing hair and makeup! -xo Nikki