Hello Everyone!  

School has officially started and that means senior sessions are in full swing.   That's right!  Folks are not hesitating to go ahead and get sessions done.   Many seniors have deadlines for getting their yearbook ads completed, etc.   Completing a session now can make  life a little bit more simple and it takes one last thing off the "to do" list.     If you are in one of those mentioned circumstances, give me a buzz and let's talk!   Let's figure out how we can get you the pictures you need!  That's enough of that...let's meet this handsome fella! 

Meet Connor!  Connor is a Class of 2018 Senior that will be graduating from Second Baptist. Since it is super early in his senior year, he hasn't quite decided which college he will be attending; but not to worry regarding getting the infamous college shirt photo.   Since most seniors are undecided at this time, I offer a free session to all of my undecided seniors.   When April rolls around we set a date and knock out a quick mini session that proclaims your college decision.   We also take the opportunity to take cap and gown photos too!  So don't stress...I have ya covered! 

Connor's is such a kind young man.   It was fun to photograph him and he seemed like he was having a ton of fun! :-)   Of course, I am not going to allow the fact that he yawned a few times during the session get to me....really, I am not.  Ha! Ha!  I just loved giving him a hard time about it.  Since school hadn't started yet it was probably those late summer nights catching up with him. 

Connor is ranked in the top 10 of his graduating class, he has made honor roll each year, and he will be playing soccer and possibly tennis this year for Second Baptist.  Connor is a member of numerous clubs and without a doubt keeps super busy!  

Upon reading Connor's answers to his questionnaire we knew his look would involve a more "park like" setting.  We also had to capture him with his truck.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the blog to see this guy and his truck!  Another little note, keep in mind that Connor's school is private, it's not like he has a wardrobe with tons of variety.   I believe the session below demonstrates how you can pull off multiple looks and poses simply by changing up locations. Same outfit, but different pictures that are enough to fill an entire gallery!    

Take a peek and enjoy!   A special thanks to Connor's mom and Jay for being awesome assistants. I had so much fun! xo-Nikki