Hello Everyone!  As promised-I planned to load up everyone's feed with some dance photos. Initially I was going to just make a collage and post it on social media; but something tells me everyone should enjoy these photos.     Prepare yourself...there are a LOT!  :-) 

This week has been so emotional.   Emotional from a personal standpoint, as I have two boys that are each "taking on" a milestone year.   My oldest entered high school and my youngest entered junior high.   As a senior photographer, I know that these years are going to zoom past me and before I know it we will be touring universities.    It has also been emotional for our nation.  I choose to not discuss politics on my business page and I will not be doing so today.   I just want to say, love each other.   That is all that is asked of us. 

This week I found myself continuously going back to these dance photos.   When I look at them, I see freedom, fearlessness, athleticism, emotion and joy.    My goal is that you will find similar feelings when looking at these dancers.  

A little information about the dancers and the images you are viewing.   These sessions were over a 3 day period.  We did two studio sessions and one beach session.   I am asked frequently if I do the sessions regularly and the answer is no.   These sessions are technically "mini sessions" and are offered only once or twice a year.   Since the focus of my photography is high school seniors, I do tend to photograph more high school seniors than other ages; however, that is not required. You will see a wide range of ages.   You will see that the talent is not limited to just one genre.   Below you will see ballet, ballroom, contemporary, etc.    There is NO limit.    Please take a moment to scroll down and enjoy the beauty that these girls share simply by expressing themselves through movement.    -Enjoy!  xo  Nikki