Howdy Friends!  

Wait, what?  We are suppose to be celebrating Independence Day, I mean JULY 4th is tomorrow! So why would I share my first round of model shoots showcasing our "Texas Pride"? Honestly it started out as an "All American Girl" session.  I mean, after all that is perfect timing for the girls to get the ball rollin' for sharing with their friends!  The plan was to share the session on or around July 4th, then the process began-it was so much fun and as we progressed, it kind of morphed into a Texas themed session.  Texas declared it's independence on March 2nd, so we are just celebrating VERY early this year! GOD BLESS TEXAS!    

We all know Texas is like a whole other country, we take so much pride in our "Lone Star State"-and although a couple of girls may not have been born in Texas, they certainly got here as fast as they could.     

The Class of 2018 Senior Squad for Nikki Guest Photography is so large that we had to split them into two groups.   It couldn't have been more perfect because we ended up with two very different sessions and each one really suited the girls personality.    Next week I will be showcasing our second round of model shoots, so stay tuned for that special blog post. 

A little about the models, these girls are each selected with careful attention to their commitment to authenticity, community, confidence, and are expected to reflect those traits to their peers. They have all agreed to represent my brand, by demonstrating important values and presenting themselves of good moral character.   There is more to being a model than posing for a picture and sharing with your friends-these ladies will be part of a movement this year that will be life changing.  I am so excited about it, that it makes me tear up!    I can't share details just yet, but these models are the perfect choice to be part of something bigger than any senior session I could produce.   

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my first group of Class of 2018 senior spokesmodels. These ladies will be making another headline in a couple of stay tuned!  Introducing-Alexa, Savannah, Katherine and Anna!   I am so pumped for their senior sessions-we have some fun sessions planned! xo  Nikki  p.s.  Oh and happy 4th of July!! (or in my case super early Texas Independence Day! ha! ha!)