Hello Friends! 

It is sooooo hot!!!  Texas is experiencing a major bout of heat!    It is a known fact (not citing any sources) that you can fry an egg on the concrete in front of my house.   Of course, this serious heat wave doesn't appear to phase the clear natural beauty of Jordyn!  

Seriously, I don't think this beauty can take a bad photo.   As I began the process of editing, the first thought I had is that every color looks good on this gal!  At first I thought, ooohhh...I love her in red, then it was blue, then pink, then green and do we even talk about black!?  Sheesh...she is just stunning.   The other thought I had was, how awesome it is to have Ashley (best hair and makeup artist in the world! -to me of course!!!) join me on the sessions?    Most Texas photographers shy away from summer time sessions, but with Ashley's mega talent joining us on each session, the girls are constantly looking fresh perfect for each outfit, color combo, and scene we create.   Since hiring Ashley the sessions allow us to be more creative with the senior experience. It's also an opportunity for the senior to really create a new look for each outfit.   

Jordyn, is a classic beauty that has joined my senior modeling team.   I am so blessed to have her on the squad-she is not only beautiful on the outside, but her extreme dedication and commitment to organizations she is part of (NCL, Seven Lakes Sapphires, Various Honor Societies)...too many to list are just a hint of what makes her beautiful on the inside.  She stands out in a crowd easily-she has an incredible smile and natural captivating presence that make you want to know her better. 

Jordyn has plans to become either a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant one day and without a doubt, with this girl's dedication she will succeed. 

About Jordyn's session.    She allowed me the opportunity to do her session in Galveston.  Since it is summer, it just played for a perfect backdrop.  We took advantage of the fact that I was staying at the Hotel Galvez and with approval played around their lobby  and such.   Afterwards we took the session to some spots around Galveston and on to The Strand.   Jordyn really trusted me to find the perfect spots that aligned with her taste and outfit choices.   It made the session go just perfectly.   

I know this a long blog post, but one thing to note is that the title mentions "seasonal session".   Yes, this is what I call a "seasonal session".  Jordyn really wanted to do a summer session, but she loves the idea of fall also.   What better way to make it work than to do   2 sessions!  One session rocks the "summer vibe " and then the fall can capture the beauty of changing colors in the trees (yes, Texas does have them, you just have to know where to look).  So, if you are on the fence about which season, possibly consider a "seasonal session".   

Here are some of my favorites of this gorgeous senior's "Summer Session".  Aside from her upcoming fall session, we also have her dance photos to look forward to....stay tuned!!!   Enjoy! xo-Nikki