Hello Friends!  I am so excited to enjoy summer and family.   Some family time was just what I needed.   After a little break, I am still working but doing more "behind the scenes" stuff in preparation for Class of 2018.   There are still sessions happening, but just a few over the next couple of months.

Just prior to school ending, I had the pleasure of photographing a family that was LOOOOOONG overdue for a family session.   Of course, unless you are living under a rock or just new to my blog, I am a boy mom.   Meaning, I have 2 boys and will not be trying for a girl and I am happy with that fact of life ( I adore my two dudes and force some sense of fashion on them from time to time and they do appease me, ha! ha!).   However, let me be clear,  I am a "girly girl".   So, being in this business and styling senior girls is always fun for me.     When Abby (one of my Class of 2017 seniors) and I met, we had an immediate connection.   Abby LOVES fashion and really trusted me with styling her session.   In the course of shopping for Abby and with Abby, it allowed me to get to know her family a bit better.   She is one of FIVE GIRLS!!!! How cool is that!? I mean, seriously...to have a true sisterhood between 5 girls is AWESOME!  On our shopping excursions and photoshoots, it became really evident that a family session with their mom, Melissa was a necessity.   Melissa is a beautiful soul.   She radiates true beauty with a heart of gold.   During our time together, Melissa and I became friends quickly, but honestly, it felt like I had known her my whole life.   We shared similar life experiences and a friendship blossomed.   

Melissa has two daughters that are not pictured, with 5 daughters and one of them already married with her own babies (BOYS!! ha! ha!), life happens and it didn't workout where they could join us that day.    However, do not think for one minute they will be missing out on a future session.  We are making plans...so stay tuned...it will happen!   On this session, as with all of my past family sessions (please note, I typically do not do family sessions anymore), it is important to create a place of familiarity and place yourself where you share memories.  If it isn't a place, maybe an object (family quilt, etc).   With Melissa and her daughters,  it is her family's ranch.   Of course, the session would not be complete without including the family dogs.   Last but not least, the donkey that was kind enough to share his space was also part of the session.    

Thank you ladies for trusting me with creating this memory for you.  It will, without a doubt be one of my favorite memories.  There were so many funny moments and the belly laughs had me smiling for days.  It makes me so happy to see you enjoying your photos.    Much love-Nikki