Hello!  I cannot believe that this is my last "official" senior post for class of 2017!   These sweet sisters were a real treat.   We had planned their shoot in April;  but Texas weather doesn't always work in our favor.  Keep that in mind when scheduling a spring session.   :-)

Patricia and Mercedes were so much fun to capture.   These two sisters are polar opposites!  Ha! Ha!  They may be opposite but they are so close.     It reminded me so much of my two boys. Similar age difference also, so it was so relatable.  Patricia (the younger of the two) will be graduating from Seven Lakes High School in just a few days and plans to attend University of Texas in Austin with a major in Chemical Engineering.   A little more about the awesomeness of this achievement;   if you know how large our high schools are in Katy and add that you must be in the top 7% to make it (out of a class of 1000 -I think), plus add that the College of Engineering at UT is really hard to get into...well, you must know that Patricia is super smart!   Patricia-you just blow my mind!   

Mercedes (the oldest), aside from being blood related also has the smart gene!   This petite, bubbly personality graduated from Texas A & M with honors with a degree in Nutritional Science and a minor in Business Administration is headed to Physician's Assistant's school.   Mercedes had a very busy month.  She is also newly engaged!   We incorporated Mercedes baby (her dog), "Baxter" in the session and he was just perfect.   Aside from having Baxter we were also able to incorporate the stunning Texas A & M campus.  Although it was so windy that day, we were able to achieve beautiful shots.  

Please look at all of the photos below the post.  These young ladies are just beautiful inside and out.   It makes my heart happy to know that these two ladies will be leaders in their careers and paving the way for so many.   The blog photos roll through Patricia, then Mercedes and then....some sisterly love!!!!     Oh...and I couldn't resist posting an out take or two!  

So, Class of 2017 that is a wrap for now ( I do have a few folks doing their sessions this summer) but for the official school year, this is it.   I have been so blessed with so many memories, friendships and couldn't be more proud of Class of 2017!  Thanks for the honor of capturing this incredible time in your life.  xo  Nikki