Hello Friends!   Here we go--now on to volume II!   Yes, our second of the triplet crew is Allison! 

Allison is actually the youngest of the 3 and is an incredible human to know.   I remember that when she first moved here she began to give away this "friendship" items (I can't remember specifically what it was, but I do remember that she was all about encouraging friendship).   Allison is such a motivator and encourager.   We always love to see her posts on FB and Instagram on Sundays.  Each Sunday she reminds her friends and family about positive things.   She could easily become a motivational speaker.    This sweet young lady is also very smart. She was accepted into Southwestern University and is eagerly planning to support "The Pirates".

Allison is just as unique as her other two siblings in that she has a little "throwback" style.  From the moment we discussed her senior session the ideas started flooding our minds.    One of the most memorable set of images are the first ones.    The car that was her Mom and Dad's "getaway car" for their wedding was added to the backdrop.   Allison's grandfather was kind enough to drive this vintage vehicle and provide it for our photo shoot.  I felt like we had gone back into time a bit.  

I do want to talk a little about Allison's hair and makeup.   It is not uncommon to hear "I like natural".  Please keep in mind, each session is unique.  If you want natural, you will be provided with a natural look.   Allison's style was very vintage glam.   Taking her back into time a bit, you see the red lips, black eyeliner and such; however, when you scroll to the bottom to see her "current photos"; what you see is a senior girl in her "natural state".   Your fully tailored session is intended to depict what you love, your style, your way.  Ashley (my hair and makeup artist) is very careful to respect your taste and we will not ever begin the shoot without making sure you are 100% happy. 

Check out the images below and enjoy a little travel back in time.    I know it was a blast for us! xo Nikki