Hello Everyone! 

I am so excited to share this blog post.  This will be volume I of III.  :-)   Why?  Because there are triplets to write about!   Yes, you read that correctly.   Initially my plan was to write about all 3 together and then it became clear that although they are triplets, they are very different and each deserve to be treated as individuals.   

So our first senior triplet is Dylan.   If any of you know my family, you know Dylan. Dylan is like an extension of our crazy crew and we have welcomed him since the day his family moved back to Texas from Malaysia.   It will be hard not to turn into complete mush during this post, because Dylan is so important to us and seeing moving on to "bigger plans" does get me a little choked up.  

A little about this handsome senior.  Just like any proud mama, I am going to brag on Dylan. I honestly don't know if I have ever met another teenager that has the work ethic of Dylan.   He is the hardest working kid I know.  He is either doing his family's yard work, watching my kiddo, working as the Chick-fil-a Cow, or teaching taekwondo at the Fort Bend Taekwondo Academy. Dylan is very active at Seven Lakes High School.   He played football at Seven Lakes and was a member of the Academic Decathlon.  I have watched Dylan grow into this amazing young man that as much as he is tough, he has such a kind heart.    There is no doubt that his hustle is going to take him to amazing places in life.   I feel like we are the lucky ones to be able to sit on the sidelines and watch. 

Dylan has big plans that involve pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University.   However, as my family says, "that is subject to change"...there could be another exciting plan in the works.  Stay tuned....

Here just a handful of my favorite shots.  Dylan has a more urban look and so we capitalized on that look.  He also loves his without a doubt, we were able to get some incredibly fun images using the Houston Skyline.   We love you Dylan and are so proud of you....please know that the Guest Family is always here for you and will always be in your fan club!  xo-Nikki