Hello Everyone! 

Wishing you all a great Monday!   Let's get Monday started off with a bang and enjoy some fun photos from -  Abby!   Yes, you heard that right.  Abby!  Round's not de'ja'vu at can also do a Fall and Spring session...just ask me how.  

Abby's Fall session was so perfect, I was nervous that we might not be able to compete with spring.   OH MY....although the wind was fierce and Ashley (hair and makeup artist and amazeballs reflector holder) almost blew away a few times when the reflector decide to turn into a KITE! Abby did NOT disappoint.    Once again she left the styling up to me and we did a little shopping excursion together with her Mom and sister.    One of my favorite memories will always be sitting in Anthropologie's dressing room, having Abby pop out and show us an outfit and telling her "yay" or "nay".   Abby's sweet Mama and I found ourselves not just helping Abby, but other customers!!!   A lady suggested we start charging $5 an outfit!  Ha! Ha!  At least we know we have a career alternative. 

Abby's outfits were all selected from Anthropologie.   Shoes and accessories were from Nordstrom.   Abby's bright blue eyes seem to always pop regardless of the outfit or backdrop; however, if you place her in front of a blue will drown in the sea of blue.  

Finally, this session had an extra special accessory.   Abby's boyfriend (I believe since Junior High) joined us for a few fun photos at the end of the session.   He was such a great sport and listening to the two of them enjoy each other's company was extra special.    Ahh...sweet, young love....just beautiful!  

So enough's time to enjoy this sweet girl's session! xo  Nikki