Hello again!  Wow!  Two days in a row...either I am on a roll or it is SENIOR SEASON!!!  Well, let's just say it is a little of both.  It helps that anytime I go out of town, it seems those days are my most productive.   So, one might ask...why would you go out of town during the busiest season of the year for a senior photographer?  Well, it is a perfect segue to... Miss Gabbi.   

Gabbi was a mystery to me.  My neighbor's daughter has been friends with Gabbi all throughout high school; but for whatever reason I never met this incredibly sweet, beautiful and talented young lady.   I only knew she was an awesome friend and super cool. happened, BAM! It was learned that my 11 year son is friends with Gabbi's little brother and they are also in class together.   Not only that, Gabbi's Mom is the team leader for my son's Destination Imagination Team.   You may ask, why is she telling me all of this?  Ha! Ha!  Well, I have to brag on my kid and also explain the connection to Gabbi and our travel plans!   Their D.I. Team just won their district competition (with 5 other buddies) and are now headed to STATE this weekend!    Hence, my reason for taking a quick break.  So... we are headed to Lubbock to support these 5th graders and hopefully take Griffin Elementary of Katy ISD to Globals! 

Now...for what you are anxious to read...all about Gabbi!  Well, she has a smile that I want!  Simply put, she is smiling all the time.  She has a twinkle in her eye and a soul that all should envy.   I only had an afternoon/evening with her, and it was clear as to why my neighbor adores Gabbi. 

Gabbi is multi talented.   She is a singer and an actress.   She has achieved so much over the 4 years at Seven Lakes and now has 7 offers on the table from competing universities.    One would think that Gabbi's interest in singing or acting would have propelled her towards a major that builds on those talents.  Nope.  Don't be fooled...this smart cookie has other plans and is headed to college to pursue a major in Biology with plans to become a doctor.   

Here is are some of our favorites from Gabbi's senior session.  Enjoy! xo  Nikki