Hello Friends!  

The title has you interested?  It should.  Look at these photos and I am not sure you will see anything but GLAM!!  HOLY MOLY!  Meet Claudia from Seven Lakes High School.   Claudia is a fierce basketball player for Seven Lakes High School.  I highlighted her superb skill because we ended her session with a little tribute to her 6 years (2 in junior high and 4 in high school) playing the sport she loves so much.   

Behind the glam you will see these gorgeous brown eyes that are mesmerizing and full of "girly" fun!   When she showed me her prom dress I was SOLD!  As if that wasn't enough, she shows me this "voguesque" (yes, it is MY WORD :-) dress with a black hat and BAM!  Someone might have needed to pick me up off the floor.    This was when ideas begin to flow and fun commences.   Claudia trusted me with correlating the colors of her outfits to backdrops and scenic spots and it just worked perfectly.  

Aside from being a stunning young lady and athlete,  she is also a smart cookie!   Claudia will be pursuing a degree in Media Arts at University of North Texas in the Fall.   Aside from her mad talent on the court, Claudia is a member of the National Honor Society and volunteers with various programs in the community. 

Best wishes Claudia for a great future!   Thank you for letting me capture this pivotal time in your life.   xo  Nikki