Wow!  What a morning friends!  We actually had a little snow this morning in Katy!  Considering 2 days  ago my boys were wearing shorts, the switch to snow was quite drastic!  It never snows here and so we were quite excited this am to see a beautiful blanket of white. 

One day, possibly in my lifetime, I may have the fortune of photographing a senior in snow; however, this guy senior session did not disappoint with the chill and wind of winter.    Introducing Thomas from Seven Lakes High School.   I was thankful that Thomas liked the look of having his hair a little messy because had it been a senior girl, we would have rescheduled.  Thomas loves the look of the city and architecture, so we really tried to hone in on that.   He also is a talented athlete and holds several impressive titles. 

I do not know much about track and field, but what I do know is, this kid is fast and his pictures below demonstrate it!   He is primarily a sprinter and pole vaulter.   He tied the freshman long jump record for Seven Lakes High School;  set the 200m record; and was on the 800 team that set the school record.

This Seven Lakes High School athlete is also incredibly bright.   His computer science high school team achieved 1st place in FBLA nationals for computer games and simulation.   

When my questionnaire asked, what are your other interests, he added (amongst other things), that he likes nice pencils.   I had forgotten that part of his answers and at the end of the session, Cole, my oldest son (joins me as an assistant on guy sessions), commented that the pencil he had held for Thomas was really nice.   It struck me odd and I remembered his low and behold we had to capture him with his fancy pencil!   He showcases his talent at twirling the writing object...and we had to do several shots to make sure we got it just right! ha! ha!

Thomas plans to major in Computer Science and is waiting to hear from his top 3.   With applications submitted to Rice University, University of Texas and Texas A & M there is no doubt Thomas has a bright future ahead. Enjoy and stay warm!  -Nikki