Happy Sunday Friends! 

It appears we have rain on the horizon here in Katy, so my session today was cancelled.  After having almost an entire week without the ability to edit, today's forecast might have actually helped me out a little.   It is always frustrating to reschedule, because it does throw the rescheduling process into a frenzy; however, the last think I want is for dark and gloomy photos.   So, we look at the positive and take advantage of having a chance to get caught up.

I have been so anxious to share Holly's session!   She without a doubt has the most stunning green eyes!  I believe she even won "most beautiful eyes" for Seven Lakes (almost positive of that little bit of info--if not, she SHOULD and I will start the petition!). 

Holly is a Sapphire with Seven Lakes High School Dance Team.   She has the sweetest voice and her character is just captivating.   I truly think you can see the sweetness through her beauty.  Each of Holly's outfits were fun to capture.   

Holly plans to major in Nursing at either Texas Christian University or Stephen F. Austin University.   She is a sweet soul with a tremendous love for her furry mini schnauzer (I really wish I could meet him) and has such a wonderful future ahead!  

Without me taking too much more time with is a sampling of my favorites from my time with this beauty.   

Enjoy! -Nikki