Hello Friends,

I cannot believe that today was the last day prior to Christmas break (for Katy ISD).   This year seems to be slipping by so quickly!  Senior sessions are happening at least 3 to 4 times a week, so I guess it would seem quick to me. :-)   

Today's blog post is so much fun! I mean, truthfully they are all fun, but each senior is so incredibly different.  It can be as simple as the color of hair, the lighting that day, etc...but the dynamic spectrum of interests and personalities amongst these talented seniors is just inspiring.  

Meet Katherine!  Katherine is part of my Class of 2018 Senior Model Team!  Katherine was such a pleasure to photograph.   This beauty trusted me to photograph her in a completely new location.   Although it was a little bit of a drive, it was worth it because we were able to do so many outfits because the location of everything was sooooo close.    The lighting could not have worked more perfectly for this beautiful blonde.   It seemed to just perfectly compliment her skin tone.   We also had a blast with Ashley's  (Best hair and makeup artist on the planet) mad talent with updos.   The session was nothing short of perfection in my mind. As someone that is very self critical of her work, saying it was perfect....well, that is a big deal! ha! ha! 

Katherine is a Sapphire for the Seven Lakes Dance Team, she is an editor for the Seven Lakes High School Yearbook, a member of the English Honor Society, The National Honor Society, a member of Spartans Out Serving and The National Charity League-Star Chapter.   Of course, as I mentioned, she is one of my senior models.   Lastly, she is the lucky owner of an adorable English Cream Retriever named, "MOBY".   You will see him pictured below.  I love having pets on the session....they need their time to shine also! 

Katherine is planning to attend Texas A & M University and major in education.    Katherine is such a doll, like literally--ha! ha!  I think I had a doll like her back in my toddler days! ha! ha!    

Katherine, I had so much fun capturing these memories for you!  You are such a shining star amongst the senior class at Seven Lakes.   It will be a pleasure to see you grow and succeed as a wonderful teacher.  

Enjoy!  -Nikki