Hello Friends!  

These days I am sooo busy that I am so close to blogging 2 sessions a day!  That is a great thing...but wow,  it is busy busy!  I love it.  I ever never been one that can sit for a long period of the busier the better.   I will tell week I am planning to enjoy some MUCH NEEDED quality time with the family.    I will still be responding to emails, etc but do not expect much posting (if any) or sneak peeks. :-)   Before my little mini vacay begins, it is with great joy I get to share this blog post! 

Meet Claire and Trent Fortier, although, Claire  says Trent's name should go first because he is older. Ha! Ha!   Claire and Trent attend Cinco Ranch High School and will be graduating in the Class of 2018.     Trent joined us on the beginning of the session, then we set him free to enjoy the rest of his afternoon.    These twins are so sweet and completely opposite!  Ha! Ha! Aside from the obvious, they just had me laughing at how genetics work.   I definitely saw that Trent is a little more quiet and reserved.   Then when you meet Claire, well, she MEETS YOU!!!  Claire has to be one of the bubbliest personalities I have ever met.  She even stated, "I love to take pictures because I love to smile".   I cannot begin to tell you how much that statement meant to me.  She loves to smile!   What a wonderful trait.  This is only part of their story.   These sweet seniors were victims of Harvey.  There home was flooded and they were evacuated.  We initially had the session planned a week prior to Harvey; obviously that did not happen.   It was such a devastating time for our community, but at the same time you saw neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers.  One of the sweetest recollections happened when Claire's mom, Beth mentioned being in the upstairs in a bedroom ( I cannot remember if she said it was at her Mom's house or at their own house) of a neighbor that they didn't really know.   They were all piled together trying to stay safe.    She said there couldn't be a better way to get to know your neighbor than piling in their bed and now they will be bonded for life! ha! ha!  This memory just resonated and points to the fact that when something seems impossible God somehow can find a silver lining to reveal to us.      During the week of Harvey, school was out.   Claire, is a dance for Cinco Ranch High School Cougar Stars and although their competition in football is various katy high schools, it brought me such joy to see a few of my senior models (who dance for the Seven Lakes High School Sapphires). show up on Claire's doorstep with some goodies.   Something as fun as lip balm and a pink razor can brighten any girl's day when you have lost so much!  

You may wonder, why all the backstory?   Well, I am prefacing the blog with these details because on Claire's questionnaire she said she wanted to do some of her session in her flooded house.  At first I thought, wow, this could be so depressing for her.   I am not sure we should do it...then I met Claire.   I met her mom, Beth.   I met Trent.   This family does not wallow in their pain.  Sure, I do not doubt there was sadness and loss.   But in order to overcome, you do have to push through and sometimes the best way is through laughter.    We documented the Harvey Flood with a little flirty fun style.   As much as they have been renovating, I was so pleased with how this turned out.  Considering we basically had little light, this part of the session worked!   Claire's perspective was documented such an important introduction to her senior year.  The images will always remember of how she is strong and can stay positive in the midst of any situation.  

Let's talk about the twins and what their plans are for the future!   Claire plans to major in education at The University of Arkansas and Trent will major in geology and we are waiting to hear where this major will take place.    Right now, it is a toss up between Arkansas and Wyoming.  Claire is dancer with the Cinco Ranch dance team and won the "best attitude" award..we really should not be surprised at this fact.   She is also an active member at NCL Azalea Chapter.    Trent is an Eagle Scout and achieved the Triple Crown for Scouts.  These two are bright and incredibly kind seniors that just made my world a little better by knowing they are in it. 

I hope you enjoy viewing their session as much as I did photographing it.   You will find the pictures of Claire at her home by scrolling to the bottom. xo-Nikki