Wow!  Just wow!  I am not saying that because we only have 11 days until Christmas...I am saying, "WOW, HOLY DIMPLES"!!!!   Check out this brown-eyed beauty in all her adorableness.   I am assuming that is a word since spell check did not highlight, underline and basically signal alarms! :-)    I am going to get this blog started on this senior because her session was just as much fun as it looks!    First of all, she is one of FOUR girls!   Whew....all I can say, is "WOW...HOLY DIMPLES"!  Ha! Ha!  Having my two boys and the only other female in my house being the dog, I was just in awe of the complete system Kiersten's (my awesome senior) Mom has down pat!  Vickie (MOM of all MOMS )shall we all just take a moment to applaud her and DAD TOO???!!    Kiersten's Mom had an extra large SUV that housed EVERYTHING except cocktails!  Ha! Ha!  This mama was ON IT!!!  If you needed a protein bar, soda, water, or any colored scarf or pants she was your girl!   I swear she had a toaster oven and pop tarts hidden somewhere!   Ashley (best hair and makeup person on the planet) was in awe with me and we just wanted to figure out how to make it possible that Vickie join us on each session!    I felt like her SUV was the equivalent of a trench coat full of watches!!   Vickie-YOU ROCK!!!, my, my....this beauty has a sweet puppy named "Duke".    "Duke" is truly a fitting name for this boy.  Honestly I don't know if his sweet little "Schnoodle" feet have ever touched the ground!   Duke loves Kiersten and his admiration is just priceless to capture.  I believe Kiersten kind of digs him too!  As with all sessions styling occurs...this was a first where the dog had bow ties that coordinated with ALL OF HER OUTFITS!!  Yes, that is not a misprint.  We ended up using just two for two outfits as Duke may not be as into the session after 5 outfit changes! ha! ha!  

Let's talk about Kiersten...this dynamic young lady is planning to attend Mississippi State University in the Fall.   She is planning to major in nursing which honestly doesn't surprise me at all.   Her tender sweet spirit just exudes in her smile.  

Kiersten cheers for The Seven Lakes High School Spartan's Football Team!  Check out her pics at the bottom!  This is why I love NIKON!!!  It was almost dark and she is just so sharp!   In order to honor the fun memory of her mom yelling at each event and game to remind her the skirt is crooked...we did one shot with the skirt not being aligned!  

Kiersten-I just adore you sweet girl!   I am so excited to continue watching you in your looks like I will be hanging around for a few more pics with your sisters, so watching you follow your journey will be such a blessing!  xo-Nikki