Hello Friends,

I cannot believe that this is the last week before Christmas break!   All of my sweet clients are in the middle of final exams and I can only imagine the stress level.   I remember the days of taking a final and just finding myself not being able to sleep, every single thought of what I was learning kept recycling in my mind. 

It seems only fitting that a nice distraction should be provided to help us remember...IT IS CLASS OF 2018's time to SHINE!!!! Meet Leanne, this soccer star rocked her session!   This Tompkins High School senior plays for her high school and club soccer.   Her session started with the addition of her two sisters.  One is older and the other younger.   Watching the dynamic between the 3 was so much fun.  I am an only child and of course as you all know, I have seeing 3 sisters interact for a photo session was an eye opener! ha! ha! 

Leanne's mom was so important to this combination of success!  She showed up with a suitcase with basically a closet full of clothes.   We had only a week and half to plan the session, so styling wasn't really easy.    It turns out that with the girls' wardrobe and Ashley (best hair and makeup artist on the planet)...there was a huge success in the styling department.  

Leanne's session started with her sisters and then flowed into her personal style.  She wanted a "city" look so we tried create a timeless look while still staying true to the look she desired.   

A few little tidbits about Leanne, she is stunning but is also super smart!  She is planning to major in Business and still has to hear back from a few universities before declaring her final choice.  

As the holidays near...and as I will say in hopefully the next few blog posts this week.  I am so grateful for each and every client.  I am grateful for each and every "like" on Nikki Guest Photography and Nikki Guest (instagram).   I am grateful for each parent that takes the time to chat with me (online, email, text or phone) and wants to be certain their senior is getting the very best experience, I am grateful that we are able to honor and depict each senior with THEIR personality.   I remain accountable to each of you to insure the memories your seniors share one day with their children show their character, personality and their style.   It is my top priority to instill self confidence and for each senior to walk way knowing that these are fun memories they will treasure forever.     Thank you and wishing you each a Merry Christmas!!   xo-Nikki