Hello!  In case you cannot tell, I have been quite the busy photographer lately! 

I absolutely LOVE it!  There are 2 things that I love to photograph....SENIORS AND DANCERS! 

Most of you know that my passion for dance photography has nothing to do with my dancing talent.    Actually, I am doing an amazing job if I can do the basic "sprinkler" move.  I learned sweet move from my 11 year old when he was 5.   It isn't pretty folks, it isn't pretty.   The good news is that these talented ladies do not need me to tell them any poses, they flow naturally.  I would be lying if I said we could have a few fun outtakes, but I wouldn't do that to these beauties.   These incredibly talented ladies are class acts and just outshine any "oopsie" moment).  

A few of the young ladies I have photographed when they were "tiny dancers" and one of the dancer's featured is one of my senior models for Class of 2018.   She will be leading the blog tonight showcasing her elegance and impeccable talent.   These aren't even all of their photos....there are just so many beautiful movements that evoke emotion. 

Please take a moment to enjoy the grace that follows the brief summary above.