Hello Friends,

It has been a while!  I luck would have it, we are experiencing some technical difficulties in my world and so I am delayed with getting edits finished and having ordering sessions. Being at the mercy of a computer is part of my life and my clients are the most understanding on the planet.   They all know that if I could do a one week turn around we would be doing when I say, "hold up"...."I need to tweak some tech issues"..everyone seems to appreciate the transparency and finds patience in the midst of anticipation and excitement for their photos.   Trust me, I am soooo excited to share some fun shoots!  Stay tuned as I know it will not be too much longer. 

Just before all the "updating and tweaking" began we managed a couple of premiere ordering sessions.  One of those sessions was this gorgeous senior. 

Meet Sarah!   Sarah is a referral from one last year's model's crew and I am so thankful to have photographed this beauty.  Sarah also shares a passion for photography so we highlighted some shots of her with the camera--but her biggest addition to "her favorite things" would be "Winnie".  "Winnie" is a gorgeous black lab that did a great job during her photo session!  As she graduates her training program, Sarah will graduate from high school!    My labradoodle, "Bella Belle" had a wonderful week as each senior was arriving with their favorite furry friend.   

Sarah is planning to attend Baylor University with an interest in Human Resource Management as her degree.   Sarah has won so many awards in photography, art and academics.   She enjoys long distance running, studying art and photography.  

Sarah's session was really focused on the city-however to incorporate "Winnie" we decided on something a little more "country".   :-)  So, with that said, she had a great combination of looks to compliment each aspect of her interests.  Without a doubt the wind was crazy the day of her session-but Ashley was on hand to make sure the wind worked in our favor!    Check out her photos below, you will find yourself smiling the entire time. :-)