Hello Friends! 

This week is a busy one!  While some of us are busy planning our Thanksgiving meals, I am a busy senior photographer with sessions lined up for every DAY this week; for the exception of Thanksgiving DAY!!!   It use to be that this time of year was busy with family photography sessions; those days are over and my time is spent capsulating one of the most important eras in a senior's life.  I am beyond grateful to be assigned the task and continue to find myself in awe of how much fun I have while working with these amazing young people.   They are each unique, extraordinary and beautiful in so many ways.   Creating a memory for them is an honor and ensuring Mom and Dad can remember their senior's pivotal year is icing on the cake.  

Today my blog introduces Madison.   Madison was so much fun and just carries herself with so much grace.  Madison's grace matches her style which evokes such a modern and fresh look.   

Madison is a senior at Seven Lakes High School.   After graduation she plans to major in Special Education at Louisiana State University.   She has been incredibly active at Seven Lakes High School and with her schedule I am just grateful she managed to make it to her session!  ha! ha!   She is a member of Best Buddies, Vice President of The Sapphires Dance Team, studies ballet at Adamson Ballet School, member of the National Charity League and participates in the PALS program.   

Take a look at this incredible senior's gallery-she rocked so many scenes, from nature to a small town flair.   Each setting suited her perfectly! 

Thanks so much Madison-best wishes to you as you continue your dreams!  xo  Nikki