Greetings Friends,

This session is long over due for a blog!  Only because I have been so anxious to share.   As we all know life happens and sometimes we all fall short with schedules, etc.   Some of you may know that we lost my husband's stepmother after a long hard battle with breast cancer.  Although she may have a formal title as a "step mother", she was very much like a mother and grandmother to our family.  Although we knew time was imminent, you are still never fully prepared.   "Nana Nola" was always one of my biggest fans and she was always a role model to me.   She was one of the many women in my life that really set the bar for women in business.   The idea of being a Mom and a businesswoman was never questionable to her; she just did it.  She managed a wonderful household and was quite successful.   The reason for sharing something so personal along with Emma's session is for one simple reason-I was told my mother-in-law passed away about 15 minutes prior to Emma's session.  Since we were doing her session at her home and property, Ashley was already on site doing hair and makeup.   It was a beautiful day, all was perfect-and then boom, it happened.   The moment that someone you held so close to your heart is suddenly free of pain and as I believe, walking in Heaven in a new body has finally made it to her home.     I immediately found myself sad, but then I swear I could hear her speaking to me and saying, "pull it together, you've got this"..."you are stronger than you think and I am just fine".    It was also evident that God's timing is also perfect.   Of all the sessions to encounter an emergency or personal tragedy, the Struble Family would be the perfect place to find comfort.  Of course, I tried my best not to say anything, but as with all of my seniors, I greet them with a hug.   Well, of course, emotions set in and I shared my news.  They immediately offered to rescheduled, but remembering the thoughts I felt came from "Nana Nola", I insisted we continue. 

The decision to continue was easy.   I immediately knew in my heart that this was just what needed to happen.  Honestly, the light in the session could not have been MORE PERFECT.   I am going to start the blog of photos backwards as it is so important to see the sun flicker through the leaves and the golden light that just flickered the entire time.   Emma and her mom, made me laugh so hard during the entire session that I honestly was right where I needed to be.   I found myself even thinking about how much "Nana Nola" would love Emma and her Mom.   The "no nonsense" sense of humor was something that was definitely a common thread.   Since I am such a "cut up", it was perfection.   

The above was to just share a personal side of my life right now.  My schedule has been off by a few days; so I appreciate everyone's patience.    I appreciate all of the love people have shared and for those that have wondered why I may be running late on a post or responding to an email you now know.  :-) 

Now...on to the future "Hotty Toddy" and current queen of rocking a boat dock!   Meet Emma!  Emma is just beautiful!  Her fun carefree spirit just shines through-this girl has skin like a doll and something about her screams, "Gidget"..yes, I just dated myself and if you don't know who she is, then google her!  I may even add  her picture at the bottom! ha! ha!  Emma, unlike "Gidget" will not be a surfer girl.   She plans on taking her personable talents and sweet nature to major in Special Education.   Her degree in Special Education will come from Ole' Miss.   You would basically have to have lived under a rock if you don't know that fact about Emma!  She is so proud of her new journey and is taking friends along for the ride! Emma is a cheerleader at Faith West Academy and also participates in the National Charity League, Star Chapter.   

A special thanks to Emma and her mom for making my sorrow bring a smile.   I truly believe God placed you on my schedule that day for a reason.   Also, a special thanks to Ashley, my hair and makeup artist.   You are so talented and such a pleasure to have at each session! 

Without further ado...meet Emma!