Hello Friends!

I think each photographer has a moment where their heart melts in a session.   Don't get me wrong, that can be a good thing or a bad thing!  However, thankfully with my seniors this has never occurred.   Each session is so incredibly unique, tailored to that senior's interests and style. There will never be two sessions alike, NEVER!   The senior could have the same location and we still would document that senior's personality in a different way.   Just as the senior has a story to tell, so does the session.   There is a back story to each one and a connection that happens between myself and the senior and the mom (if she is actively planning with us).   Sometimes the planning happens at the last minute.  As much of a planner I am, it is hard for me to do the "last minute planning", but sometimes it just works.   This leads me to my next senior.

Meet Lillian.   Lillian is a Class of 2018 senior at Cinco Ranch High School.   Her session was scheduled prior to Hurricane Harvey and the planning was in full motion.   We knew for sure that her steer, "Hercules" was going to participate also (first for me :-).    As soon as Harvey was predicted it was time to start planning for Plan B.   The Katy area where I live and most of my seniors reside has never really flooded.   I figured we would be part of a flood watch, soon the skies would clear and we would be back to "normal" within a couple of days.   Obviously that did not happen.   The rain poured for days and days, the loss around us was nothing we could have predicted.   Unfortunately, Lillian and her family were flooded.   Learning they endured such a loss was heartbreaking.    To just give you a glimpse of the situation,  Lillian had to return home via boat to search for their cowboy boots (for the session)!!!!  Wondering if she found them, YES! Wondering if we pulled off the session, YES!   It was 2 weeks post Harvey, but this sweet girl and her mom were determined.   Our only delay was "Hercules".   "Hercules" was evacuated and had to be returned to the barn.    He also had to get familiarized with Lillian again.   These two didn't have any trouble and before we knew it all the stars aligned and this session was ready to move forward!   We made a quick trip to Francesca's and the shopping started!   It turned out to be a beautiful distraction and such a fun time.    

Styling Lillian was so much fun!  She is the only daughter in her big family of boys and definitely enjoys feeling like a "princess".   You will notice that each element has a feminine flair.    We were even able to make sweet "Hercules" fit into her feminine flair.   That sweet steer really enjoyed his time in the spotlight.   I never really struggled to get him to look at the camera.   He especially loved giving Lillian a smooch or two! ha! ha! 

As with most of my seniors this fall, decisions are still being made on colleges. Lillian's goal is to attend Texas A & M University and become a veterinarian.  Watching her with "Hercules" is a good indicator that she will certainly become a great Vet.    Lillian is an active member in The National Charity League with numerous awards for volunteering along with her awards from the FFA.    It will be fun to reconnect with Lillian in the spring,  she along with many of my fall seniors will receive a free mini session.  It gives the senior an opportunity to take pictures in their college shirt (this service is offered to ALL of my clients- I wouldn't want them to miss out on getting that shot just because you had a fall session-the same goes for cap and gown along with letterman).  

Trying to decide which images to display first are just impossible!  I am actually going to share in reverse order!  I am obsessed with all of Lillian's photos, but the ones with "Hercules" are just priceless!  Enjoy! xo  Nikki